Austria Hiking Trails To Consider In 2018

Most tourists agree that Austria’s hiking trails are the best way to explore the country. This is mainly because of the various natural beauty spots that you get to experience when on an Austrian hiking trail. At the same time, hiking, in general, is a great pastime. It does not really matter if you are old or young, novice or really fit. Austria does offer great hiking trails for all skill levels. However, this is not what we focused on when we created the list below. These are simply the best of Austria’s hiking trails, based on the popularity among foreigners that visited the country.

Eagle’s Walk Trail

Eagle’s Walk Trail

This is Austria’s longest hiking trail so it has to be mentioned first. At the same time, it is the longest you can experience in the continent. Most people are surprised to hear that the trail covers close to 1,500 kilometers. Obviously, it will be hard to visit it all so you will have to choose parts of it for your vacation. Magnificent scenery is available at Austrian Tyrol. The trail is quite diverse, made out of 126 1 day hikes that you can choose out of, covering a large terrain variety.

Alpe-Adria Trail

Alpe-Adria Trail

This is another long trail, covering 700 kilometers. The trail is a really scenic one in Austria and the entire one covers 3 countries: Austria, Italy and Slovenia. The hikers usually start at Grossglockner, the highest of the country’s mountains. Then, they trek past rivers, streams, lakes and a lot of fascinating sights. There are 43 stages to this trail. Every single one has a length of 17 kilometers.

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Wilder Kaiser Trail

Wilder Kaiser Trail

Wilder Kaiser Trail is surely among the most popular of Austria’s hiking regions. It is basically made up of the Kaisergebirge conservation area, Soll, Sheffau, Going and Ellmau. We are faced with around 400 kilometers of great hiking trails. You can choose your itinerary and see what you want.

Cheese Trail

cheese trail

Isn’t this a funny name for a hiking trail? The Bregenzerwald famous Cheese Trail takes you past various cheese makers, restaurants, museums, inns and dairies, together with allowing you to enjoy a highly scenic route. Obviously, given the name, you can sample cheese along the way. This trail is an interesting way to learn about cheese production in the Vorarlberg region and experience hiking at the same time.

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