3 Types Of Tours To Enjoy In Rio de Janeiro

Europe is a pretty common destination during summer vacation, but if you want to change the view this year, South America is another great location! If you don’t know where to start your South America exploration, Rio de Janeiro, the famous Brazilian city, is the perfect start for your adventures.

The huge seaside city is known for its beautiful beaches, Copacabana being one of the most famous balneario beaches in the world, for its flamboyant atmosphere and dancing rhythms.

You can explore the culture and the environment of Rio de Janeiro through various tours available for tourists. Whether you prefer to see the city from above or to hike your way around it, you will surely find the best touring experience for you in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour

Rio de Janeiro Helicopter Tour

Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro from the air is quite an experience! A helicopter tour is great for photographers or for those of you who love to immortalize breathtaking views. An aerial tour guarantees you will see the most important landmarks of Rio de Janeiro from a marvelous perspective.

From most helicopter tours you will fly over Ipanema and Copacabana and enjoy the beach view; fly around the Christ the Redeemer, Rio’s most famous monument, and fly above other unforgettable places from the city.

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Rio de Janeiro Jeep Tour

Rio de Janeiro Jeep Tour

A jeep tour can offer more than one Rio de Janeiro experience. You should decide if you want to experience nature and its beauty or the local communities and their culture.

If nature is what you want to know better, there are several jeep tours of the Tijuca Forest National Park. During this type of jeep tour you will be able to discover panoramic views of the park and the remarkable rainforest. Your tour will most probably include a hiking experience that will allow you to discover the wildlife. You’ll be able to spot monkeys, various birds and butterflies, and even sloths.

If you prefer to learn more about the Brazilian culture, there are jeep rides that will take you around the alleys between various communities and commercial districts. You will be able to experience life inside a favela, to observe the daily routine of the local communities, while listening to your guide who will provide valuable cultural information.

Rio de Janeiro Hiking Tours

Rio de Janeiro Hiking Tours

Before considering a hiking tour in Rio de Janeiro, please note that these tours are considered advanced hikes and you should be in a very good physical condition to participate. Also, if you want to hike in Rio de Janeiro, you should have some hiking experience.

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If the warning made you curious, not scared and this sounds like the perfect outdoor activity for you, rest assured that you will be amazed by the views you will encounter in your Rio de Janeiro hiking adventure. The hiking tours available in the city provide you with unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes. You will be able to see century-old palm trees, various exotic species of birds, waterfalls, plus other unique Brazilian landmarks.

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  1. Rio has loads of interesting activities with can be done individually or combined, one of these combined activities that is taking over the world of free flying is “hike and fly” where we combine hiking and paragliding. This discipline is practiced mostly in Europe, but Rio is no exception and it is possible to combine hiking and flying here as well, the Pedra Bonita has an easy trail through the forest, that takes you to the summit after about 45 minutes of easy hiking, From the summit it is possible to see the south zone of Rio and Barra da Tijuca, and after a short descent one reaches the paragliding take off, and after a nice glide down the mountain one lands at beautiful São Conrado beach. This is a great way of combining two different activities in a same morning or afternoon.

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