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We are glad to see you here. Travel trips appeared in order to help as many people as possible to plan a wonderful vacation. Our plan is to cover as many travel destinations as possible and help tourists from all around the world to be prepared for the experiences they will have and inform them about various opportunities that they might have missed in the past. We only offer travel tips that come from travelers that are experienced and that have been around the world.

Meet The Team

profile - CopyBoris Dzhingarov – Owner

Boris founded Travel Tipsor with the goals that were mentioned above. He is an avid traveler that simply loves going to new places and always tried to help others, just a he was helped during his travels. All started with 3 Work&Travel experiences in USA. Boris came up with the idea of creating the website and got new people on board in order to create a young team that shares travel knowledge, tips and information for all those that are interested. Also, he is the owner of many other sites!

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Adrian Cruce Profile PhotoAdrian Cruce – Content Manager & Author

Adrian has been working online for years and managed to get a large experience in the promotion of websites, traveling to different countries and being involved in various interesting projects in the past. He met Boris by chance during an unrelated project that he was managing.

After Boris shared the idea about Travel Tipsor and because Adrian loves traveling, he was instantly on-board. Now he writes articles on Travel Tipsor whenever he can and he also manages all the content on the site.

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veselinaVeselina Dzhingarova – Author

Veselina, Boris’ sister, is also an avid traveler. It runs in the family and her passion started after going to Tallinn through Erasmus. She then followed on her brother’s footsteps with a work and travel to USA and was completely hooked on travels. Veselina became a part of the Travel Tipsor team naturally, loving to write and share experiences and loving to travel even more than she loves to travel.

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