Best Bridges To Visit In California

The highly dynamic cities of California like San Diego and San Francisco are actually port cities. They have various neighborhoods in a bay setting so it should not be a surprise to notice the fact that California has some wonderful bridges that turn into tourist attractions. Some of the bridges are practical structures while others are that and true architectural masterpieces, acting as landmarks. If you love such structures, you will want to put the following on the list of “must visit” sites.

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco


We simply cannot talk about California’s best bridges to visit without mentioning Golden Gate Bridge. This is definitely the one that is the most famous in the state and you constantly see him destroyed in SF movies, although that would be really hard to do in real life. It is 1.7 miles long, 746 feet high and 90 feet wide. What is special is that this bridge was actually finished in the year 1937, connecting Marin County to San Francisco. Over 10 million people visit every single year, showcasing why it is such a big attraction.

Sundial Bridge – Redding

Sundial Bridge – Redding

This architectural masterpiece was finished in 2004. It is 23 feet wide, 217 feet high and 700 feet long. It goes right over Turtle Bay and allows access to the downtown region over Sacramento River. The reason for the mane is that the bridge actually forms a huge sundial, the largest in the world. Behind the work we had Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect. When looking for just one word to describe the bridge, that would be “Grace”.

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Bixby Creek Bridge – Big Sur

Bixby Creek Bridge – Big Sur

A bridge that not many know about, Bixby Creek Bridge is located to the south of Big Sur’s Carmel. It was finished in the year 1932 and offers really tremendous views of the ocean when you are on or around it. You will see rolling mountains, sprawling coastline and much more. Bixby Creek is 24 feet wide, 240 feet high and 714 feet long.

Coronado Bridge – San Diego

Coronado Bridge – San Diego

This lovely bridge connects Coronado Island to San Diego. It was opened in the year 1969 and is considered to be the most beautiful steel construction bridge in the world. It has a curved designed that is unusual, goes up to 200 feet high and includes 30 towers. The length is an impressive 2 miles. The longest of all the continuous box girders in the world are incorporate, managing to conceal various components necessary in architecture, like joints.

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