Best Places To Swim With Dolphins In Italy

Whenever thinking about where we should go if we want to swim with dolphins, we consider Australia or Hawaii as the top choices. Even if those are premier locations to experience, there are also regions where this activity is possible, including Italy. There are various dolphin species that can be seen in the country and the following opportunities are definitely some that you want to take into account when visiting the country.

Rome – Zoomarine Roma

Rome – Zoomarine Roma

In Italy’s capital you want to visit Zoomarine. There is an Islands Of Dolphins show that can regularly be seen between the months of April and August. This is a show that highlights trainers that take a number of dolphins through various routines that are choreographed. Also, a guided tour can be scheduled when each show is over. That is where you would be able to directly interact with dolphins.

You can find Zoomarine Rome in the Torvaianica coastal neighbourhood. Besides the dolphin experience, you can also gain access to other great aquatic events that take place all around the year. There was even a race that pitted dolphins with a local swimming champion.

Naples – DELPHIS Mediterranean Dolphin Conservation

Naples – DELPHIS Mediterranean Dolphin Conservation

DELPHIS organizes many interesting dolphin encounter experiences under the name Dolphins and More. This takes place every day in a marine area that is protected, on the Vivara, Procida and Ischia islands. If you want to participate, you can expect to spend one day on a special research vessel. It teaches you about the mammals and organizes encounters with whales and dolphins in a completely natural environment. Individual trips are also available and DELPHIS would actually create a 100% personal experience, built around your wishes.

Tethys Research Institute

Tethys Research Institute

This is a special experience that is available for you in Italy, different than what you would expect all around the world. This is because you can actually assist in dolphin conversation and ongoing research in courses that take one week. That automatically offers so many face-to-face meetings with whales and dolphins in the renowned Pelagos Sanctuary. As a participant you will actively participate in the research, attend lectures and collect data coming straight from these wonderful animals.

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