Best Snorkeling Locations In Puerto Rico

Not many know this but Puerto Rico has some tremendous snorkeling opportunities that are available for those that are interested in this travel activity. While in many cases we have problems because of water visibility, when the conditions are proper, it can extend even up to 23 meters, which is definitely enough to have a great experience.

In order to be able to experience snorkeling in the country of Puerto Rico, you will need to seriously consider the day trips that are available through luxury catamarans on the Fajardo coast. This is what gives you access to a snorkeling experience that is truly unique in the entire Caribbean. In most cases you will be able to see these boats stopping for lunch, swimming and sunbathing in a remote location during the trip. San Juan is a great place to stay in Puerto Rico and you will want to start your snorkeling experience there. If you want specific destinations to consider for snorkeling trips, the following are the ones that have to be put on the list.

Mona Island Snorkeling

Mona Island Snorkeling

Mona Island is located on Puerto Rico’s west coast. It is quite a remote island that gives you access to tremendous snorkeling. Visitors can enjoy one of the really pristine Puerto Rico reefs here. Snorkeling allows you to see turtles, rays, moray eels, rainbow-hued fish, clownfish and puffers. You can also see the country’s largest reef fish concentration. The only problem in this case is that you have to bring your own snorkeling equipment since once you get to Mona Island, you cannot rent anything.

Caja De Muertos Snorkeling

The old dock at Playa Pelicanos on Isla Caja de Muertos Nature Reserve.

Ponce’s best coast snorkeling is available in Caja De Muertos, uninhabited island. The name of the island comes from a writer of the eighteenth century that believed the island was shaped as a body in a coffin. Many legends are associated with this island so it is quite obvious that you will want to also take a small “history lesson” from your guide. You can get to Caja De Muertos without many problems since many local tour operators offer trips.

La Paguera Snorkeling

La Paguera Snorkeling

There are some pretty interesting offshore snorkeling options that are available for those interested in the travel activity. It is a wonderful spot that can be enjoyed by enthusiasts and there is absolutely no shortage of boat operators that can take you there. They would drop you off and then pick you up at a time of your choosing.

Fajardo Snorkeling

Fajardo Snorkeling

Fajardo is a snorkeling location to consider in Puerto Rico’s Easter coast. Waters are almost always clear and there are actually many different beaches that would allow you to enjoy snorkeling when you visit. The best possible option is the one that is offered by Playa Convento.

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