Best Surfing Options In Puerto Rico

Surfing in Puerto Rico is incredibly popular. Tourists from all around the world visit because of the great conditions that are offered. Puerto Rico offers so many great options for those that want to enjoy high quality surfing. This does include bodyboarding, paddleboarding and everything related to the sport.

Below you can find the very best surfing locations in Puerto Rico. Learn more about them and see what you will want to visit.

Playa Aviones

Playa Aviones

This is a perfect surfing option for those that do not really mind crowds. This is a highly consistent surfing beach that offers wonderful waves. It has five stars rating obtained from most professionals and thousands visit all around the year. Although there is a clear lack of bathroom and shower facilities when compared with other surf spots in Puerto Rico, the locals around the capital will always mention Playa Aviones as the surfing location that you have to visit.



Located in Rodao, the “Paradise of Puerto Rico” as known by locals, this is a beach that highlights the paradise nickname. We are faced with a long beach strip that offers many local secret surfing spots and interwines with many private properties. Although the beach is really pristine, even people living in the country do not really know much about Kikita, making this a perfect destination for those that want a more private surfing experience.

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If you visit Kikita and you want to surf, we recommend the location where the ocean meets Rio La Plata. That is because the wave structure is great. This is where locals go. However, if you are a beginner, you will not want to go there because the waves are difficult to tackle.

Los Tubos

Los Tubos

If you are looking for professional level surfing, this is the beach that you want to seriously consider. There are medium to high swells present in most days. Also, when storms are close, professionals will love the 9 feet swells and the 14 feet occasional wave based on storm magnitude. Many local competitions are held at Los Tubos.

Keep in mind that Los Tubos is really popular among tourists from all over the world. This means that the crowds will be numerous but that is not necessarily bad since there are also many other activities that can be enjoyed. Restaurants are awesome and various other water sports are available for those that are interested.

Boca Del Cibuco – Cibuco

Boca Del Cibuco

The area is really popular in the world’s surfing scene as it saw renowned athletes like Octavio Gomez and Edgar Gomez competing. There are deep waters and massive waves present here, allowing for various contests like Puerto Rico Triple Crown.

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To make matters even better for surfers that come from other countries, you can enjoy various other activities like paddleboarding. Also, if you want waves that are calmer, you can easily drive for 2 minutes and enjoy surfing at the public Vega Baja beach.

La Parguera

La Parguera

This is where the bioluminescent bay is found, a world-renowned attraction. La Parguera is clustered by the presence of islotes, which are small islands that would offer a great possible experience. Winds will range from 15 to 20 knots, making the destination perfect for both surfing and windsurfing. Some people even visit because of a wish to go fishing and sailing. Go surfing and in the day in which you do not want to do this, arrange a scuba diving trip as you will love what you find.

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