Bungee Jumping In Pennsylvania – All You Need To Know

Bungee jumping in Pennsylvania is much more interesting than what many expect. You do need training and equipment and you actually have to be registered with a company or a jumping club in the state in order to be able to jump. Obviously, some options for tourists do exist but still, there are various facts that you have to know before the jump.

Operators In Pennsylvania

There are various interesting companies like Luxurgy, Adrenalin Dreams and Over The Edge Adventures. They offer jumps, training and will take care of safety for all the people that will jump. You can contact them in order to get the training that is necessary for success.

Getting Ready For The First Pennsylvania Jump

You will need to be accustomed to harnesses and have some training before the first jump. There will always be a trainer near you when you jump for the first time in Pennsylvania, no matter what past experience you have. There are various ways to jump and you can learn about them all, ranging from twists and spins to head first.

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Pennsylvania Bungee Jumping Advantages

There are so many interesting and quite high bridges that you can take advantage of in the state. They range in height from 100 to 300 feet in most situations. What is interesting is that bungee jumping near these bridges is a delight due to the scenic locations. Jumping operators will only choose those bridges that offer safety and great foliage. During the winter months you can love jumping even more since this is a little rare and not always available. Some of the most popular bungee jumping spots in Pennsylvania include:

  • Stoney Creek – 175 feet
  • Rubbles Run – 229 feet
  • Buffalo – 300 feet
  • Ohiopyle – 110 feet
  • East branch Viaduct – 130 feet
  • Moshannon Viaduct – 112 feet
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Safety Regulations In Pennsylvania

There are various different safety regulations that have to be respected and that are imposed by the US Occupational Safety And Health Administration and the Pennsylvania government. Such regulations mean that those that plan to go bungee jumping in the state will need to go through training, in-class training and instructions, together with location training so that safety is guaranteed. Cord bas to be bound to legs and full body harnesses are actually obligatory for first jumps.

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