Highly Dangerous Travel Destinations

We are naturally drawn to danger or things that cause us to be frightened. Adventure travel is big at the moment and if you are an adrenaline junkie, you surely want to visit the following travel destinations. They are really dangerous but they are also incredibly beautiful at the same time.

Devil’s Pool – Victoria Falls

Devil’s Pool – Victoria Falls

While Victoria Falls were named by David Livingstone, the natives that lived in the area used a different name for this spot. It was known as Mosi-oa-Tunya. This means “smoke that thunders”. It features a height of 354 feet. This is around 2 times more than the beautiful Niagra Falls.

We are talking about the largest water sheet in the entire world, based on volume and surface. It is possible to swim here if you want to. Devil’s Pools appeared because of the presence of an eddy on Zambezi’s top. If you are a daredevil, you can stroll down a really narrow basalt strip. This puts you right on the falls’ edge, allowing you to experience a close death encounter. Unfortunately, every single year we see people that die because they do not actually judge the current properly. Even so, the swimming pool is beautiful and swimming here is something that you will definitely love.

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Death Road – Bolivia

Death Road – Bolivia

There are attractions that are much more dangerous than beautiful. Knowing risks is always something of interest. However, knowing risks automatically means that the experience is enticing. The descent that comes from La Paz is locally known as Camino de las Yungas. Locals call it Death Road, just as tourists do, because of the danger that is associated with the location. Around 300 people die yearly because of making mistakes in the area. Thrill seekers go there every year. Some will rent bikes and go through the long 30 miles route. Right on the right there is a 400 feet cliff. Alternatively, you can take the main road.

Grand Canyon – Arizona

Grand Canyon – Arizona

This is the one location that every single person from around the world knows. It is among the largest US travel attractions that can be considered for a trip. It is also one of the seven natural wonders in this world. Grand Canyon is huge and grand. Colorado River went through sandstone and limestone for billions of years till it created the canyon. Most of the people that die do so because they try to take daredevil photos. Till now around 700 people died. Because of this, we can say that the possibility of you ending up with problems is pretty low.

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Do you want to defy death but not be in too much danger? These are the thrilling destinations you want to take into account.

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