Wonderful Outdoor Adventures For Tourists In Ontario

Hiking, climbing, biking, fishing and lake sailing are just a few of the outdoor activities adventurers can experience in Ontario, the beautiful Canadian province that is located in east-central Canada. Ontario is home to Canada’s capital, Ottawa and to the country’s most populous city, Toronto. But besides the magnificent urban cities, Ontario is, as we mentioned, a great place for various outdoor activities. In this article we will talk about some great outdoor adventures to enjoy in Ontario if you visit the province for the first time.

Canoeing On Lake Temagami, Ontario

Canoeing On Lake Temagami, Ontario

From exciting whitewater trips to serene routes, Lake Temagami has endless options for canoers. Besides the varied canoeing routes, Lake Temagami also offers breathtaking scenery, crystal clear lake water, gorgeous sunsets, imposing white pines and majestic rock ridges and cliffs.

Kayaking In Georgian Bay, Ontario

Kayaking In Georgian Bay, Ontario

From canoeing to kayaking, we will stay on the water a little longer to discover one of the most beautiful places in the world for kayaking: Georgian Bay. The large bay of Lake Huron is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and a nirvana for kayakers, all summer long.

The wilderness kayaking experience comes with outstanding sunsets and sunrises, sheltered bays, coastal swamps and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Hiking The Sleeping Giant And Enjoying An Eagle Canyon Adventure In Ontario

Hiking The Sleeping Giant And Enjoying An Eagle Canyon Adventure In Ontario

Leaving the water activities behind, it is time to explore Ontario by foot and to discover panoramic views, spectacular waterfalls, beautiful canyons, hidden trails, rock canvas, scenic coastal trails and many other nature wonders that can be encountered during a hiking Ontario adventure.

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We couldn’t choose our favorite hiking trail, so we decided to include two of the most magnificent Ontario routes in this article. The first route includes hiking on the Sleeping Giant through a dense forest and admiring Lake Superior, the largest freshwater lake in the world.

The second hiking route, we decided to include, is the Eagle Canyon route, an easy level hike for those who are not afraid of heights. The hike includes a walk across the canyon on the longest suspension footbridge in Canada. Sounds exhilarating, right?

Boating On The Rideau Canal, Ontario

Boating Ontario

The Rideau Canal is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it connects two beautiful Ontario cities: Ottawa and Kingston. During a boating tour scenic landscapes of Ottawa’s parks can be admired. History nerds will be captivated by the fascinating stories of the Rideau Canal that, in 1832 when it was opened, served as a military route between Lake Ontario and Ottawa.

Fly-In Fishing In Ontario

Fly-In Fishing In Ontario

If you love fishing, fly-in fishing should be on your list of things you want to do in Ontario! Since the province is known for the numerous lakes and rivers, you can imagine there are endless options for fisherman and for those whose favorite hobby is fishing.

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A fly-in trip is not only the perfect fishing experience, it is also a great getaway that will allow you to catch hundreds of fish during the day and to enjoy campfire and nature in its pure beauty during the night.

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