The Best Extreme Activities To Try in Ecuador

Adventure travellers simply love Ecuador for the various different extreme activities that are available. We are faced with a really diverse climate and geography so it should come up as no surprise to see the huge diversity currently present. You have so many things that you can do so make sure that you plan for a longer vacation. Consider all the extreme activities in Ecuador below and you will make so many great memories during your visit.

Ecuador Volcano Hiking Treks

Rucu Pichincha Volcano trek, Quito, Pichincha Province, Ecuador, South America

There are 40 great volcanoes that you can hike in Ecuador. Not all of the country’s volcanoes are dangerous or active but you do want to stay away from Throat Of Fire. The good news is that it has been quite a long time since a volcano erupted in Ecuador and there is no real sign that this is going to change. However, this does not mean that there are no associated risks.

In the event that you want to climb, you need to remember that the insurance policy is not going to cover you for falls. That means that you do want to be really careful and respect all the indications of the guide.

Explore The Amazon

Explore The Amazon

You may want to experience the upper Amazon area as it is located right on the Ecuador Andes and is quite a travel friendly region. The display of fauna and flora there is huge. You will be able to see many orchid species, beautiful medicinal plants, cloths, river dolphins, bats, macaws, monkeys and butterflies. Travelers can get the chance of seeing Ecuadorian Tarantulas, which is quite a treat.

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In the event that you do not want to go deep inside the jungle, you can always opt for forest walks, canoe journey, swimming, jungle community visits and animal spotting. Just make sure that you go with a guide because of the fact that this will help you to see more animals and you can easily learn more about everything you are about to see.

White Water Rafting In Ecuador

White Water Rafting In Ecuador

In the Andean ranges you can easily experience a truly wonderful white water rafting experience. The sport is definitely a lot of fun but it is also quite dangerous. Ecuador rapids are graded 4 or 5. This basically guarantees a really bumpy ride. Experienced rafter often praise the rapids in Ecuador so you will want to consider the option.

Puenting In Ecuador

Puenting In Ecuador

Most people never heard puenting. It is basically bungee jumping’s cousin, with the experience starting with a bridge, taking you swinging under it and giving you so much adrenaline. This activity uses a rope that is not made out of the common material that is seen with bungee jumping. The jump is basically a pendulum jump. Your movement is driven by physics alone instead of the rope’s stretch.

Most of the companies that offer puenting in Ecuador will only charge around 5 dollars per jump. Make sure that you look at the reputation of the company first so that you are as safe as possible.

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Mountain Biking In Ecuador

Mountain Biking In Ecuador

This is one of the relatively safe adventures in Ecuador. Many tour companies give you mountain biking opportunities, ranging from family trips to downhill biking. Make sure that you are fit enough since the altitude will have an effect on the jump. You want to be careful with animals, even pups that want to gnaw at the biker’s leg. Being alert is always a good idea when mountain biking in Ecuador. You want to always have a map with you so that you do not get lost and when going for a long distance, do choose a mountain bike of a really high quality.

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