The Top Surfing Spots On The East Coast

Both the East and the West coasts in USA are impressive for those that love surfing. We will focus on the top East Coast surging spots that you absolutely have to consider and will also focus on the West Coast in a following article. Let us not waste any time and tell you exactly what 3 surfing spots you want to visit in the US East Coast.

Montauk – New York

Montauk – New York

This location is commonly known as The End among surfers. Most New Yorkers know that the fishing town offers a really good surfing experience and they are absolutely right. The easternmost Suffolk County point is a great place for those that want to fish or surf. While in the past only locals knew about this, people from all around the country quickly figured out what is offered.

The main surfing spot that you will want to experience is Ditch Plains. Most of the choppy waves will be really great for the longboarder and consistent break is available. However, currents are quite strong and you have to be careful. During the summer months you can easily expect to be faced with quite a long line so you want to be careful when you actually go surfing. Also, during flatter days, you can enjoy standup paddling if you want to.

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Ruggles – Newport

Ruggles – Newport

This is a really great surf spot for those that are looking for big waves on the East Coast. You are surely aware of the Rhode Island experience and this is what you will find at Ruggles. It is basically a surf mecca that has an exposed reef. Waves will break quite far out in the shore and you do need suitable experience in order to tackle the waves.

If you are unlucky and you visit during a day that is flat, you will be able to go for a multitude of water sports. You can even go golfing or start a game of tennis if this is what you would want. The accommodations are always great since this is a popular destination from surfers from all around the world.

Reef Road Surfing – South Florida

Reef Road Surfing – South Florida

South Florida is great for all people from retirees to professional athletes. Surfers will want to visit Reef Road in West Palm Beach because it is medium sized and the waves here are really constant. Surfers are faced with northeast swells and fickle waves for a truly fun-filled experience. You will not be faced with speedy rides so this location is better suited for intermediate surfers.

If you want to visit, make sure that you are patient and that you allow yourself enough time do to the fact that you will have a lot of problems in finding parking. The big wave days will feature many surfers so patience will be necessary but if you have the proper attitude, the locals will surely welcome you.

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