6 Great Ways To Save Money On Airplane Tickets

Airfare rates often make up most of the costs of traveling, especially when you want to go to a destination that is far away from the departure point. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can save money on airplane tickets. Some are common knowledge while others are not. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on those that are lesser-known so you can save more and actually be able to afford your dream getaway.

Understand Fees Before Buying Airplane Tickets

There are several airline fees you should be aware of and they have to be taken into account as you compare prices. A big mistake many make is they just look at airplane ticket prices. They do not look at the fees.

As a very simple example, let’s just think about bag fees. There are airlines that have them at very low rates but they end up charging tens of dollars for carry-on bags. Others will charge more for baggage fees but carry-ons are free.

Take a look at as many fees as you can and fully understand how they might impact your costs. Is there a possibility that you will have to cancel the flight? Fees can add up very fast.

Choose The Right Time To Book

When you book the ticket can impact prices. It is obviously a lot better to make your plans as in advance as possible but this does not mean you should instantly book the flights. There are cases in which you can buy tickets weeks out and find the lowest possible price. This is true for virtually all airlines from KLM to American Airlines.

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The best time to book your flight is 4 months to 3 weeks from the scheduled departure date. However, in order to get the best rates, you have to carefully monitor prices. Several travel apps are available to help you do this but you can simply use Google to explore flights and set up alerts for low prices.

Take Advantage Of Lock In Rates

You can save on your flight seven if you did book some time ago. For instance, the law allows you to cancel the flight up to 24 hours after your booking. This is always allowed if there are at least seven days until the departure date. If in this timeframe you found a lower ticket, you just have to cancel your original ticket.

We should also highlight that most airlines let you lock in fares for a fee. This means you are allowed to book your flight at a later point in time and not pay more. You can lock in the low rate even when you are not sure that your travel plans are accurate or when you just want to keep shopping around.

See If One-Way Airfare Is A Good Option

Years ago, booking a round-trip was always more affordable. This is no longer a rule. It is actually quite often that you end up saving money when you book the “to” flight with an airline and the “home” flight with another one. Obviously, this is not always true, but it is definitely an option you have to take into account.

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Consider Nearby Cities

There are airports and cities that are simply more expensive. So, it is a good idea to shop around and consider the nearby cities. This is particularly useful when there are many airports clustered together in one region. For instance, this is common on the US east coast.

Push Limits On Carry-On Luggage

Checked bag fees can be high but you can get around them in many cases. You have to respect the guidelines and can carry a lot on you on several of your trips. Basically, this means you have a bag placed in the plane’s overhead bin based on the maximum dimensions permitted. Then, you can have a smaller backpack to place under the seat. If you maximize weight, you get to save money on extra luggage you might need.

Pushing carry-on limits is particularly useful when you travel with a larger group. There will always be some people who will not use the maximum limits allowed. Take advantage of this and see how you can fill up checked bags and maximize those limits.

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