Austria Fishing Options To Consider As A Tourist

Austria is not so well-known for its fishing opportunities but the truth is that we are faced with so many interesting spots that enthusiasts should consider. Trout and pike fishing is definitely great but you can so easily enjoy grayling, char and much more. Anglers from all around the world will surely appreciate what Australia has to offer.

Since we know that there are not many that know a lot about Austria fishing, let’s mention those spots that you absolutely have to try, those that have to be on your to-do list in the country.

Carinthia Fishing – River Gail

Carinthia Fishing – River Gail

The River Gail offers great trophy fishing opportunities. Gail River is giving you access to pristine waters. The river is basically a torrent and does go through many deep gorges before reaching the meadows and going to Lesachtal valley. We have natural beauty that complements the landscape of the river.

What is interesting is that Gail actually offers drinking water quality. The fishing pressure present is quite low. Anglers will want to consider the present 6 tributaries as there is so much natural offspring available. There is no need for artificial restocking here. You can catch brown trout, rainbow trout and grayling. Fly fishermen will want to catch in Barfalle but the area is not easily accessible.

SalzburgerLand Fishing

SalzburgerLand Fishing

Anglers will surely love the opportunities offered by Grossarl Valley. We have mountain water that is crystal clear and that looks great due to the river passages, rock waterfalls, gravel banks and big pools present, all in the middle of lush pastures and alpine meadows.

If you look for something really special, you can go after the alpine salmon, which has been present in Salzburg since the year 1998. Many fish are present in Otzlsee Lake and you want to take your time here to enjoy the landscape.

Tirol Fishing

Tirol Fishing

Experienced fishermen actually have Tirol in high regard. The fishing season here starts on April 1 at Tannheimer Tal. The fish population here is quite impressive and the mountain scenery makes the entire valley a delight to visit, not only to fish in.

The great thing about fishing in this part of Austria is that waters are available as public possession. You do not have to pay private fishing fees. The only thing that you need is sports fishing passport or fishing permission. Just fish until you run out of bait.

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