River rafting presents numerous potential hazards; therefore it is vital that you are informed on them to remain safe. One of the most likely situations to arise is falling out of a raft, so always wear your Personal Floatation Device. Wear Your Personal Floatation Device PFD (or personal flotation

Rock climbing is an athletic full-body activity requiring balance and coordination across many body systems. Beginner climbers may start indoors at rock gyms; outdoor crags are also an option. To strengthen your fingers, select a nontechnical overhanging problem and climb it regularly, targeting various grip positions. Record

Experience Asia for yourself - from roaming its jungles with elephants to relaxing on postcard-pretty beaches! Asia provides unforgettable adventures at an unbeatably reasonable cost, which explains why some travelers spend years travelling through this culturally vibrant continent. Avoiding peak season, taking local buses and staying in

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