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Adventure Travel in Portugal

Portugal provides all of the luxuries associated with European travel–euros, easy transcontinental connections and a thriving culture–while its unspoiled natural beauty offers an adventure. From exploring food markets and old towns to hiking from one picturesque village to the next, our small group adventures explore every inch of this coveted destination. Bungee Jumping Bungee jumping, … Read more

Kayaking in Cuba

Explore Cuba from a kayak for an exceptional perspective of this tropical island nation. Kayaking can provide beginners with an easy introduction to paddling while offering fresh perspectives of its beaches and reefs. Discover Cuba’s vibrant pulse from UNESCO World Heritage sites to some of the Caribbean’s healthiest coral reefs on a kayaking tour of … Read more

You Will Never Be Bored In NYC

If you have decided that you really want to head on vacation to New York City then you may be busy compiling a list of things to do. You will never be short of things to do and there really is something for everyone. You may have seen New York in the movies being portrayed … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Taiwan

Taiwan’s premier travel spots often lie outside its major cities. Hualien serves as the gateway to Taroko Gorge; and Rainbow Village, a former military dependents settlement transformed through street art, offers visitors an authentic Taiwan experience. Taichung, China, is known for being the birthplace of bubble tea; and its night market features local favorites such … Read more

The Best Rock Climbing South America Has to Offer

Chile and Argentina’s southwestern borderlands offer some of the finest rock climbing South America has to offer, be it challenging sport climbs or alpine adventures. Here you will find something suitable for every taste – you’re sure to find your adventure here! Bariloche offers world-class sport, trad and alpine climbing opportunities – you could easily … Read more

Lake Hillier – Awe-Inspiring Pink Lake

Lake Hillier in the Recherche Archipelago of Tasmania, Australia is an incredible pink lake that must be seen to be believed. Its brilliant hue is created by special bacteria living within its waters that produce this vibrant hue. Researchers utilized metagenomics technology to sequence the microbes present in Lake Water samples. Their analysis revealed halophiles … Read more

Pee Pee Island Attractions

Imagine this: while driving along, listening to your podcast, and your GPS prompts you to stop off at Pee Pee Creek. No, this isn’t some farcical road trip comedy movie–this destination actually exists! Pee Pee Island offers the perfect combination of natural beauty and adventurous activities, offering crystal-clear waters and impressive limestone cliffs surrounded by … Read more

Top Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy When Traveling

There’s nothing like traveling to make you feel excited to be alive. The joy of experiencing new sights and sounds, meeting new people, and exploring distant shores is certainly difficult to beat. If traveling is your passion, you’re probably keen to get out there and to see as much of the world as humanly possible. … Read more

Six Simple Steps To Make Your Upcoming Trip More Comfortable

First and foremost, vacations are about creating magical memories and exploring the world. Nonetheless, the fact that they offer a chance to rest and recharge the batteries must not be overlooked. After all, modern life is very stressful, which is why these breaks are key for your mental wellness. To make the most of your … Read more

Extreme Fishing Spots in Europe

Europe boasts an abundance of exceptional fishing spots. Ranging from scenic rivers and lakes filled with world-class freshwater species to sea or ice fishing opportunities, Europe provides fishing enthusiasts with something for every skill level and fishing style. Billfish fans will be thrilled to know that Portugal and Spain are prime spots for catching Blue … Read more