Best Water Parks In Portugal

Portugal is a great country to visit in the event that you love water parks. This is definitely a surprise for many. In fact, there are over 5 great parks that you can easily visit. We will just stay focused on recommending a couple so that you can see what the country has to offer. It is a certainty that you will love these 2 and you will want to look at the others too.

Slide And Splash

Slide And Splash

This is by far the largest water park you can visit in Portugal. It covers an impressive 16,000 acres and is recommended as being among the best that the continent has to offer. Slide And Splash is located between Albufeira and Lagos. You can easily reach it via car but there is also direct bus transfer from various coast locations.

The main reason why this park is so recommended and well-known is that new upgrades appear every single year. It is the best of the Algarve waterparks and this will, most likely, not change in the near future. Out of the various attractions that are recommended, Black Hole and Kamikaze are the ones that you want to consider. At the end of a long day, you can always relax in a great Jacuzzi or go for a swim in an Olympic-sized pool. If you travel with the entire family, you will love the area designed for children as it is perfect, featuring many slides and interactive games that are appealing.

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To round up everything, refreshment and lunch facilities are great. There are 2 full service restaurants you can eat at and 3 kiosks that offer drinks and food. The options are perfect for all possible budgets and tastes. In the event that you are left with some free time, you will want to visit the Lagoa area since it is beautiful.



This is, most likely, the best competitor for Slide And Splash for the title of the best water park in Portugal. It is really popular and thousands of tourists visit every single day. We are talking about a really large leisure complex with the water park being a part of the tremendous Aquashow Park Hotel resort, which is made out of the water park, a theme park and a four stars hotel. Year round entertainment options are offered.

When you visit Aquashow, you can also visit the theme park. When referring strictly to the waterpark, you will want to experience the White Fall attraction since it is quite unique in the entire world. At the same time, you want to go for Wild Snake, which is a 16 meters ride that takes place in the dark, being incredibly entertaining. In the event that you want to ride a wave pool, Aquashow gives you the biggest one in the country and there are various areas that are perfect for the entire family. To put it as simple as possible, you do get absolutely all the facilities that you would normally expect from a water park that is renowned all around the world.

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