Essential Apps and Guides for Exploring the Best of UK Shorelines

With over 11,000 miles of diverse and captivating shoreline, the UK is blessed with countless breathtaking beaches and coastal spots waiting to be discovered. From the golden sands of Cornwall to the rugged cliffs of Scotland, beachgoers and nature lovers alike will find plenty to explore along our windswept isles.

To truly unlock the best these stunning seaside destinations have to offer, arming yourself with a few clever apps can take your adventures to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toe in the water, read on for the ultimate list of essential downloads guaranteed to level up your next coastal escape.

1.      Capture Picture-Perfect Moments with Adobe Express

Topping the list of must-have apps for beach days is Adobe Express. This free, user-friendly editing suite makes capturing postcard-worthy photos a breeze, allowing you to enhance images on the go with just a few taps.

Adobe Express’ autocorrect feature instantly adjusts lighting, contrast and orientation, while fun filters, text overlays and crop tools enable you to get creative with framing. You can even quickly create mini movies or collages to document a full day frolicking in the waves and wandering winding cliffside trails.

When you finally stop to soak in a glowing sunset or breathe in sea-salted air, Adobe Express ensures you’ll hold onto the memory forever with photos that perfectly encapsulate the mood.

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2.      Uncover Local Secrets with Outdooractive

A goldmine for insider tips off the beaten path, Outdooractive should be your trusty guide for venturing beyond busy hotspots. This augmented reality hiking app comes loaded with over 150,000 trail maps spanning 70 countries worldwide, with extensive coverage across the UK.

Leveraging your phone’s GPS, Outdooractive overlays informative trail descriptions in real time during your rambles. You’ll learn about captivating local history, stories and nature sights you might otherwise miss. Outdooractive also lets you record activities, share postcard-style updates, and measure distance travelled.

So, whether you fancy getting lost down sleepy Welsh lanes, unravelling tales along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way or tackling a gruelling coastal hike with sweeping Scottish vistas, Outdooractive has you covered with next-level immersive adventures.

3.      Scope Out Swimming Spots with a Wild Swim Map Guide

What good is a glorious sunny day at the British seaside without taking a refreshing dip? The Wild Swim Map guide unearths secluded beaches, tidal pools, plunges and waterfalls perfect for an exhilarating open-water swim across England, Scotland and Wales.

User-generated pins log over 12,000 locations, with handy filters to scout out spots matching your skill level and preferred features, like accessibility, lifeguards and changing rooms. Detailed descriptions highlight potential hazards alongside gorgeous scenery to soak in mid-swim. You can even record and share your own experiences.

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While nothing beats that thrill of diving straight into the crisp waves, Wild Swim Map gives added peace of mind so you can safely enjoy frolicking in our beautiful blue abyss.

4.      Hunt for Beach Treasures with Seek

A nature lover’s paradise, Seek by iNaturalist transforms seaside meanders into a fascinating adventure by revealing what incredible flora and fauna call our sand and shores home. Simply snap photos of creatures and plants you spot, and Seek’s built-in AI identifies species from birds and shells to wildflowers and butterflies.

An extensive in-app library contains birdsong recordings, detailed descriptions and real-time alerts spotlighting local species migrations ideal for beachcombing. Seek even lets you help scientists crowdsource important biodiversity data.

From dolphin pod sightings off the Pembrokeshire coast to puffins nesting on the Isle of May, Seek unlocks a wildlife wonderland right at your sandy feet.

5.      Stay Safe with the Beach Guide

While splashing in gentle waves and basking under sunny skies sounds idyllic, the UK’s dynamic shorelines still demand vigilant respect. The Beach Guide keeps families informed with over 400 beach profiles outlining potential hazards, lifeguard and dog policies, accessible features and local amenities spanning parking, toilets and cafes.

Recent water quality ratings help pinpoint the cleanest swimming spots, while an SOS feature displays the exact location to provide emergency services if, heaven forbid, trouble strikes.

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Before diving in, The Beach Guide offers that extra peace of mind that you’re armed with essential safety knowledge – leaving you to simply sit back, relax and enjoy your sublime seaside escape.

With craggy cliffs, quintessential quaysides, ancient ruins and abounding wildlife just waiting to be discovered, the UK’s breathtaking shores offer no end of beauty and adventure. Arm yourself with these handy apps and guides and uncover even more stunning treasures as you explore our nation’s cherished coastal gems. Just don’t forget the bucket and spade!

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