Free Diving in Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean

We are naturally drawn in by the ocean and what lies underneath. People want to go diving because of what the ocean offers and the truth is that Bonaire is one of the best places to visit in the event that you enjoy free diving. The entire Caribbean Sea surrounding Bonaire will give you rewards as you dive completely free and you are surrounded by underwater wonders and exotic corals.

The reason why the island is so popular among the free divers is the fact that there are many dedicated preservation efforts that appeared. We are faced with underwater and coral reef ecosystems that are in a truly exceptional condition. When you go diving in Bonaire you get to see brightly colored corals, clear waters and so much underwater life.

The Water Around Bonaire

Free Diving in Bonaire

We can only describe the water as being calm, warm, clear and deep. You will love the contrast that appears when going from the shallow waters to the deep waters. All you have to do is go 50 meters away from the shore. Then, the drop is quite high, going down 30 meters. When you reach 100 meters from shore, the depth is already 50 meters. You can even find areas of a depth of 120 meters. Because of this, we can say that the water around Bonaire offers you the possibility to enjoy free diving, no matter what skill level you have. Visibility will always be superb and during summer, water temperature is around 30 degrees.

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The Bonaire Reef

The Bonaire Reef

The reason why you want to go scuba diving in Bonaire is the reef that surrounds the island. It features vertical walls and as already mentioned, the reef is well-preserved. Locals realized how beautiful the island is and started protecting it ever since the year 1979. You thus get to experience marine fauna and flora that are simply stunning and unique around the world. Fish population is diverse, one of the most diverse in the West Indies region. Protecting the area is possible thanks to taxes taken from divers ($25) and freedivers or snorkelers ($10).

At the moment there are 60 shore diving spots you can visit. We recommend that you seriously consider a visit to South Pier and 1000 Steps. 100 moorings can be experienced.

Cave Freediving In Bonaire

Cave Freediving In Bonaire

If you can take it, you want to experience the large underground ecosystem. Not many tourists know about this. There are close to 400 caves that can be explored. Many of them were never seen by man. Experienced freedivers can enjoy stalactites, hidden corners, cave rooms, stalagmites and much more, all with crystal clear waters. The adventure seekers need to seriously consider cave feediving when going to Bonnaire in the Dutch Caribbean.

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Numerous Exploration Options

Exploration Options

When you are not in the water, you can easily explore since there is much to be seen when you are above the water’s surface. It does not really matter where you go since everything is beautiful, from secluded beaches to the unique mix of wildlife you will see. Those interested can go snorkeling, kayaking, can cruise around or just relax while getting a nice tan. During the afternoons you will be able to have drinks in various places and you can definitely have a really great time when in Bonaire.

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