How To Survive A Long Bus Or Train Journey

Trains and buses can be convenient ways of getting around while travelling. However, they’re not always the most fun or comfortable transport option – especially if you’re sitting on one for 8+ hours. To help you survive a long bus/train journey, here are a few golden tips.

Charge up all your devices

While some long-haul trains and buses have electrical outlets, this isn’t the case with all trains and buses around the world. As a result, it’s a good idea to fully charge up all your devices beforehand – particularly if you need them for things like GPS, hotel booking, translations, photos or contacting people. Having a portable charger could be useful for these journeys. Make sure that this is charged up fully before you depart.

Vary your entertainment

It’s worth exploring different ways to entertain yourself so you don’t get bored. If you’re travelling with someone, there are all kinds of options from playing cards to travel board games. If you’re travelling alone, consider bringing a book or plan to solve a crossword or two. Alternatively, you could plan a music playlist or download some movies/TV shows you’ve always wanted to watch (not all buses and trains will have wi-fi, so plan activities that are still possible offline).

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Make plans for your destination

The bus/train journey could be a good time to make plans for your destination. You could book accommodation or plan out places to eat using the internet or a travel guide. Alternatively, you could look at maps and plan how to get around. By doing this preparation on the bus/train, you won’t waste time when you get to your destination.

Pack non-perishable foods and drinks

Some buses and trains will stop to allow you to get food and drink, or will have people who come on board to sell you food or drink. However, you can save money by bringing your own snacks and refreshments. Try to opt for non-perishable foods that don’t need to be refrigerated. Out of courtesy to other passengers, you may also want to avoid strong-smelling foods.

Invest in some sleeping aids

If you’re travelling overnight or have got little sleep the previous night, you’ll likely want to get some shut-eye on your journey. However, sleeping on a bus or train isn’t easy for everyone. Investing in some sleep aids could help. Consider a travel pillow, travel blanket and sleep mask. There are different types of travel pillows you can buy, including traditional pillows that go around the back of the neck and pillows for window seats. You can also explore sleep supplements like melatonin, but make sure these don’t make you too tired that you miss your stop or are unable to navigate your destination when you arrive.

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Know when to upgrade

While there are many cheap bus and train options, it can sometimes be worth paying a little more for extra comfort – especially when travelling long-haul. Some buses and trains have beds or much more spacious seats. At the very least, make sure there is a bathroom. Of course, if you want the utmost luxury, there are luxury trains and buses.

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