How to use the Internet to Find Cheap Car Rentals

Finding cheap car rentals in Toronto online requires a bit of patience and work. With so much to browse on the web, travelers can easily find themselves wasting time clicking around. There are many great discounts and deals that can be taken advantage of by using the Internet to search and do a comparison price of rental rates.


Compare rates from company websites

Every well-established car rental company has a website that can be accessed by consumers. This allows potential customers to check out vehicle and rate information. It is also important to note the location of the rental office. When traveling by plane or public transportation, the most convenient location just may offer the best deals. There are various factors that rental companies consider when coming up with a price, so customers need to ask about all fees and rental contract details before signing an agreement.


Use a travel booking site for discounted rates

Popular travel booking sites are a helpful tool when planning any trip. In some cases, it may be possible to book a flight, lodging, and car rental all in one affordable package. Be sure to check in with discount travel sites often, as rates and deals can change frequently. If travel dates are flexible, lower prices can often be found. Travel websites are designed to offer the best deals, so it can be useful to compare the rates from several different ones.

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Opt for a basic vehicle

For travelers looking to really save and go cheap, it would be wise to book the most basic vehicle model that is available. Sacrificing luxury for an affordable option is a great way to save money. Some car rental locations may be all out of the basic sedans when a customer arrives without a booking, so it would be best to book in advance.


By Cool3g (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Cool3g (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Join a loyalty program

Some car rental companies offer a loyalty program that is designed for frequent customers. Each time that a member books a rental, they may acquire points or miles that can be used for credit towards future rentals. A loyalty club can also offer customers deals that are best suited to their needs.


Sign up for email alerts

Many rental companies and travel websites offer consumers the chance to sign up with their email account in order to receive alerts for future discounts and deals. For folks who do not mind receiving occasional emails from companies, it can be a great way to take advantage of limited time offers. In some cases, the deals may not be visible to the general public, so those who join email alert lists can take advantage of the lower prices and savings.

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Search for discount codes

There are many discount codes for products and services that can be found through a quick web search. Many companies will prompt a customer to add a valid discount code when booking a rental on the web. Discount travel sites may also accept promo codes which can be applied to give customers lower rates.

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