If You Want Nature, Visit Scotland

Scotland is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. From the Borders to the Highlands, anybody visiting the place is surrounded by stunning landscapes, with many opportunities for safe hiking. Scotland is definitely a great place for outdoor activities, and if you’re willing to negotiate with changing weather, it is an ideal holiday destination for you and your relatives.

It is wise to prepare your travel as a Europe trip planner, and this article aims to give you some tips and advice about how to handle your next trip to Scotland. Take a moment to catch your breath and marvel at the beautiful nature that Scotland has to offer.

The Highlands Are A Must-See While Visiting Scotland

Located in the North of Scotland, the Highlands is a region that has it all, from sandy beaches to lochs (lakes) and even high mountains. You’ll find the highest mountain in the United Kingdom at Ben Nevis, and you can climb it if you’re the adventurous kind.

There are dozens of majestic lakes, the most famous one being Loch Ness, and they all offer flabbergasting views full of quiet and serenity.

Don’t be afraid of going on a boat ride at Loch Maree, as you’ll explore this stunning location on these quiet waters. The region is also filled with forests that reveal their magnificent colours during the early days of Autumn.

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The Best Time To Visit Scotland

Scotland is a wonderful place to visit all year round, but there is definitely the best season to go there and enjoy the wonders of nature. If you want to hike and explore in the most optimal conditions, you’d better go between May and September. At this time of the year, the weather is mild, and you can catch a fair bit of sun.

It’s also the best season for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or even sailing. During spring, you can marvel at the blossoming nature. During summer, you can enjoy long days and beautiful sunsets. Autumn is also a good time to marvel at the beauty, especially in forests where everything turns orange.

Tips To Travel In Scotland

Changes are that you will hear the saying that Scotland has four seasons in one day. It is especially true during the early spring months when you can start on a bright sunny day, and spend the afternoon under heavy rain. Weather is definitely unpredictable in Scotland, and you should pack your luggage accordingly. Don’t worry too much about the dress code too, as the locals usually keep a casual look that fits the weather conditions.

Distances from one place to another can fool you. Even if a place looks close to another, it doesn’t mean that the ride there will be short and practical. By all means, you should prefer to go by train as it offers dramatic scenery. If you rent a car, be prepared to go on long and sinuous roads with limited phone coverage.

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