Top 3 Water Parks In Florida

As you surely expect, Florida is perfect for those that are looking for some wonderful water parks. There are so many options that are available for the entire family. It is not at all difficult to simply find something that will bring in hundreds of hours of fun. This is not even an exaggeration. You will love everything that is available for you and, most likely, all the parks will bring in something you want to experience. Out of all the water parks in Florida, we chose to recommend only 3. Check them out and see if you would add them to the list for your next vacation.

Wild Waters

Wild Waters

Wild Waters is located in Ocala and the current admission fee is $10 for one adult. Those that visit can enjoy various water activities, together with a party room, cabana rentals, gift shops and even picnic grounds.

The waterpark at Wild Waters has a size of a little over 261,000 square feet. The season of operation is normally June to August since this is an outdoor based water park featuring 450 thousand gallons of water.

Out of the various attractions and rides we can mention, the waterpark ones include wave pool, kiddie pool and many water slides. Keep in mind that at the moment there are various repairs and renovations that take place. With this in mind, some of the park is not available. At the same time, there are no outside drinks of roods allowed. You cannot smoke in the park and no snorkles are allowed. One-day admission passes are available, based on hand stamp.

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Calypso Bay Waterpark

Calypso Bay Waterpark

This is another Florida based outdoor waterpark that is tremendous, located in Royal Palm Beach. You would need to pay $11 to enter and general admission basically gives you access to two slide complexes and four attractions. The gift shop, party room and picnic grounds are available during your breaks. There are 6 water attractions that you can enjoy and the park is opened from March to September.

The tourists can enjoy body slides, speed slides, kiddie pools, family pools, lazy river, water ropes course, water slides and various family amenities. Keep in mind that schedule varies from one day to the next and private use is available during late afternoons for those that are interested. Approved water diapers are needed for kids under 3 and the lounge chairs are limited. If you need life vests, they are free and you can rent secure lockers if you want to.

Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove

This park can be visited in Pembroke Pines and the admission fee is of just $10. Cabana rentals and picnic grounds are available for when you are not enjoying the water rides. Paradise Cove is opened from March to October and visitors can easily enjoy 4 slide complexes. This includes lazy river, water slides, family pool, wave pool and even kiddie pool. You can choose out of tube slides and body slides.

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If you are interested in a great experience at Paradise Cove, you should be aware of the fact that there is a regular gate entrance fee. It is just $1.5 per person. However, this does not offer any water slide experience. You will need proper swimming attire and you cannot bring in outside drinks or food.

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