Tropical Hen Weekend Destinations

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With so much to organise for a wedding, arguably one of the most enjoyable elements has to be the hen do. It’s a chance for the bride to be to really let her hair down before the big day, and to do so with all of her closest girlfriends. So if the big day is almost upon you and you want to make sure you celebrate your upcoming nuptials in style, then you should certainly consider taking your Hen party abroad. Just think, you can leave behind the unpredictable British weather and have a fantastic time in the sun with your best friends.


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Tenerife as Hen Weekend Destinations

There are hundreds of destinations to choose from for your Hen weekend, so it can be difficult to know where to start. You could choose to have an unforgettable holiday in Tenerife. This tropical island is a firm favourite of European tourists, and for good reason, as it’s a little slice of sunny paradise. Whether you just want to soak up the sun, or take advantage of the island’s thriving nightlife, the choice is yours. Located off the western coast of north Africa, Tenerife is about a four hour flight away from the UK, and if you get the timing right, you could even arrive during the island’s popular Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Held annually in February, the carnival is said to rival the world famous Rio de Janeiro Carnival and it could really start off your hen festivities with a bang!

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Benidorm Spain
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You might go to Granada and Benidorm

Other popular tropical hen destinations include Granada and Benidorm, which are both found in mainland Spain (and a little closer to home) and are both very popular destinations for hen parties. If you want to party, then why not try the clubbing capital of Ibiza? Otherwise, if you want to try somewhere exotic and even further afield, then the tropical island of Phuket in Thailand is also a popular hen destination, but its 12 hour flight means that you might want to plan an entire hen week instead of just a weekend!


Granada, Spain
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Have fun 

What these places all have in common is sun, sand and great nightlife, and picking a tropical destination with your friends can be all part of the fun. The choice of activities on your hen weekend is also down to you – whether it’s swimming and sun bathing, visiting a luxurious spa, clubbing and partying, or maybe even going all out and having an adventure weekend with white-water rafting, scuba diving and quad biking! Whatever you pick, you are bound to have an amazing holiday with the girls, making memories you will cherish.

Create Tropical Hen atmosphere at home

If you can’t make the trip abroad, then don’t worry, you could try a themed party that captures the essence of being in a tropical paradise instead. It’s certain to work out cheaper, and while you can’t guarantee warm weather and tropical climes, you can still sample exotic cocktails, dance to summer tunes and have a great time with your friends.

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No matter how you intend to spend your hen do, the most important thing is to have a good time with your friends, let go of the stressful planning stage and make some great memories to cherish forever.

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