Strange Locations for Truly Adventurous Bikers

Strange Locations for Truly Adventurous BikersAre you the kind of person who always enjoys a nice biking experience? Then you have come to the right place. We also consider this to be the best way of keeping yourself off the beaten track and far away from noisy crowds. There is nothing better than feeling free in the most amazing locations that offer you interesting biking experiences while admiring the gorgeous surrounding landscapes. Today we have made up a list of fabulous riding locations for the most adventurous bikers. Check them out below!

Bali, Indonesia

If you are among thousand other adventure enthusiasts who have included Bali on their wish list of locations to visit, you should know that you can also engage in amazing biking experiences there.

Why would you choose it as the perfect destination? Because the landscape there is fabulous and you will have a lot to see on your new adventure. Just imagine the great towering volcanoes, the most amazing pristine beaches and the really captivating rainforests that will be there for you to lose yourself in.

If you go there during dry season meaning from April to September, you will have the best conditions for biking experiences. This is the most amazing island of adventure in the world. Mountain biking has become more and more popular in the area due to thousands of tourists who go there in search of new thrills and amazing fun.

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Moreover, you have a wide range of guided tours and holidays you could engage in with this intended purpose.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

The next great location for biking experiences on our list today is Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Why would you choose this destination? Because the snow-capped mountains in the area offer the most impressive backdrop and an ever-changing landscape for the heart of dreamers.

If you choose to go there from October to May, you will experience hot temperatures that will allow you to engage in numerous mountain bike experiences without taking any risks. You will be able to visit the most amazing green valleys and grey moonscape.

Moreover, the red rock formations you will encounter along the road will also make part of your valuable memories. There is no need to travel great distances there to discover amazing terrains for incredible bike rides.

Nadi, Fiji

Third on our list of unusual locations for biking adventurous today is Nadi, Fiji. If you are wondering what this location has to offer, you should just imagine being among the most rugged mountains and exotic flowers.

If riding among coconut plantations has also been on your wish list for a while, you now have the chance to experience it and you will definitely have fun during the trip. It is better to avoid the wet season if you choose this destination. Plan your biking holiday from May to September and the weather will be perfect for your new adventure.

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Get ready to experience amazing tracks through scenic villages and plantations in these amazing biking locations around the world. There is no better experience than mountain biking in the most exotic locations on the planet!

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