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Travel Tipsor is now accepting guest posts. We welcome people that have experience in travel and that can deliver interesting content for our visitors. However, in order to be published, there are some things that have to be mentioned.

Go through the requirements below and learn about how to submit your article to a Travel Tipsor editor.


Our audience is interested in learning new things. The internet is filled with millions of travel articles. Most of them are the same. We want something different.

Your story should be as exciting as possible for people of any age that are excited about traveling. Because of this, our requirements are:

  • A minimum of 1,000 words – Try to be as complete as possible with the topic you cover.
  • Relevant articles – Almost everything that is travel related goes but you do want to choose topics that are as interesting as possible.
  • Spelling And Grammar – This should go without saying. If our editors need to spend too much time correcting spelling and grammar, the article will be rejected.
  • ZERO Plagiarism – If articles do not pass Copyscape tests, they will not be published.
  • Proper Formatting – Nobody likes large chunks of text, right? Articles with sub-headings, images and bullet points will be given priority.
  • Basic SEO – The article should be SEO friendly. At least basic on-page SEO optimization should be present.

We prefer:

  • Articles about a specific destination, covering things that few people know. (for instance, instead of an article about the top destinations in Barcelona, how about an article about the hidden beauty of the Gothic Quarter?)
  • How To Guides
  • Location Tips – For instance, the best places to eat street food in India.
  • Inside information

Obviously, you can surprise us. If you think your article will be suitable and is different than what others often write, feel free to submit.

How To Submit An Article To Travel Tipsor

The following steps should be followed so that it is easier for both you and us to publish the post fast:

  • Check Travel Tipsor articles – See if there is something that is missing and see if what you want to submit was not already covered.
  • Submit Your Topic(s) – While you can submit the already written article, it is always a good idea to first pitch some topic ideas, together with a quick summary so we know what you want to write about.
  • Wait For Our Response – If sending topics, we will reply with what we would like to see. If the article was sent, we will tell you if it is accepted or not.
  • If Accepted – Although this is common practice, it is worth saying that when you are accepted, be sure you send a picture of yourself and an author bio.
  • The Post Is Published

Some SEO Facts You Need To Know:

  • In-text links for published guest posts will be NoFollow. If you are interested in DoFollow links, visit the Advertise page.
  • Links that are considered promotional or not suitable will be removed (ie. adult sites, hate speech and so on)

Sounds good?

Contact us through the form below and let’s start. You will receive an answer as soon as possible, usually during business days.

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