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Skiing in Germany

Skiing has never been more popular in Germany than it is now, where 14.6 million Germans annually enjoy hitting the …
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Fishing has long been an enjoyable pastime in Western culture, and today its popularity among many young Chinese is only …
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Costco Propane Refills

Propane is a staple household item used for grilling and heating purposes as well as to fuel vehicles’ engines. Costco …
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Boris is an avid traveler that simply loves going to new places and always tried to help others, just as he was helped during his travels.

He came up with the idea of creating the website and got new people on board in order to create a young team that shares travel knowledge, tips and information for all those that are interested. And this is how Travel Tipsor was born.


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TravelTipsor helped me to find more bucket list items of festivals and off-the-beaten events around the world with up-to-date logistical advice.

Marina K. Villatoro

TravelTipsor has been really helpful for my travels, guiding me to hidden gems and unforgettable experiences. 

Few people in the world know travel like Boris, great advice from a trusted source

Traveltipsor has been a great resource for me to find new and interesting place to investigate, highly recommended!