13 Great Travel Apps To Make Your Next Trip Better

By Vesi

Whenever you want to take a vacation or plan it, as a traveler, you rely on smartphones these days. Travel apps can help so much more than initially imagined. They are useful for managing logistics, booking, making reservations, locating fitness classes, and whatever you might want.

There are countless apps you could use on practically any mobile device you could use. This includes paid and freeware Android apps or apps designed for iOS gadgets. The very best ones are presented below, those that you should seriously consider.


Hopper is available for free on both Google Play and iTunes. It is very useful because it helps you to locate really cheap flights. Use this apps when you do not have very strict departure days.

You just need to put in the departure location and the destination. Then, Hopper shows a calendar for a full year. It includes historical price averages and a color-coded system to help you identify when the cheapest flights are available. The colors chosen range from green to red.

While Hopper offers different features you will love, it is the price predictor that is the most useful. It helps you to figure out when you should travel to save the most in your flights.


This app will help you to make, modify, and view reservations. Also, you can access the account’s rewards status and all past activity. To make it even more interesting, you get a free night for all ten bookings you make.

A huge advantage of using the app is that you do not have to pay a service fee, which is present when booking through the website.


When you prefer to stay in homes, not hotels, there is nothing better than the Airbnb app. You enter destinations and dates to then filter results. This is possible based on price, desired amenities, home types, and more. If you need to travel at the very last minute, just properties without pre-approval requirements can be listed.

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The app allows you to book and you can then access all bookings very fast. After the booking is complete, you can even book some local experiences, like hikes, concerts, shows, and wine tastings.


This app is useful for travelers because it declutters documents and itineraries. Basically, it keeps all of these organized.

A great feature is that reservations can be directly sent to the TripIt app. This allows you to quickly see confirmations, tickets, flight itineraries, booking information, car reservations, and even get driving reservations.

With TripIt, you can share trip plans with people that you travel with. The app is available for free and there is also a pro subscription ($49 per year) that offers some extras, like security wait times, flight alerts, and loyalty reward programs.


What about an app that helps you pack? PackPoint will show you what you should bring with you. This data is offered based on trip length, destination weather, and the activities you consider doing. The app even gives you access to the laundry facilities where you go.

Using the app is incredibly simple. You just have to type the visited city and then add some extra travel details. Then, you get packing information.


This is an app that helps you to start dealing with jet lag even before you take off. Post-flight and inflight information are available.

Timeshifter uses neuroscience sleep research and information about circadian rhythms to give you personalized recommendations. These take into account your normal sleeping patterns, gender, and age, together with specifics about travel plans and trip details. This app will map out when light needs to be sought and when light needs to be avoided. You are even told when you should stay awake or take a quick nap.

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Netflix is definitely not an actual travel app. However, it can be very useful during long flights or trips. We tend to think that all flights have provided entertainment programs but this is not the case. Also, what do you do when there are some delays or you need to spend time doing nothing during a layover. If you have an account on Netflix, the app will help you watch favorite shows. Just download them before you leave and they are even available without an internet connection.

XE Currency Converter

This is the most used currency converter app on the market. It features up-to-the-minute rates for currencies and makes it very easy to store and then view them when offline. You do not have to wonder about getting a very good deal when you convert currencies during travel because you are aware of the best rates.

Google Translate

You cannot possibly know all the languages in the world so the Google Translate app helps you to deal with unexpected situations in which you cannot communicate with locals. Right now, the app can offer translations from and to 103 languages. 60 languages can be accessed when offline. Handwriting can be accessed in an impressive 93 languages. Camera translation is available for 37 languages. Instant speech translation is now available for the most common 2 languages. This is an app that is very easy to use, regardless of purpose.

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Google Maps

Regardless of what some people might tell you, Google Maps is the best app of its kind. You most likely already knows what it does. But did you know that it can also tell you how crowded the subway is and make a reservation at the desired restaurant? Google Maps features numerous extras that you can take advantage of. Just turn on the GPS of the mobile device and get ready for all the information you need.


Communicating with people back home is always great when traveling. WhatsApp is preferred because it just uses the internet in order to connect with your friends. You do not have to worry about call and SMS costs. This app just works like a regular messaging application.


This app is very useful for travelers because it acts like a guidebook on the phone. You can download city walks and guides on your device. This includes offline map. As a result, you will never miss any attraction, monument, museum, or even plaza. Read data about city background, weather, get safety tips, and so much more. To make the app even more interesting, it even helps you to book tours, restaurants, experiences, activities, and hotels in around 50,000 destinations from all around the world.


We all know Uber, the ride-hailing app that is simply the best of its kind on the market right now. What you might not know though that Uber helps you even when you reach a country where you do not speak the local language. Just enter ride details and you will have someone to help you get from point A to point B.

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