Highly Dangerous Mountain Biking Destinations To Have An Adrenaline Filled Vacation

Most people say that mountain biking is dangerous but that is exactly what attracts so many to this sport. There are many destinations where mountain biking is not at all tough. These are not those that we will focus on in the following paragraphs. Every single mountain biking destination covered is extreme. The are perfect for an adrenaline filled vacation. Great views are just the bonus.

Yungas Road – Bolivia

This location is also popular under the name Death Road. It is 40 miles long, goes downhill, is narrow, features dirt and has all you would expect from a dangerous biking experience. It is close to La Paz and in the past this was a really popular road for the heavy trucks carrying goods. Now it is a mountain biking trail that has some dark statistics. There are literally hundreds of people that die every single year here. It is not hard to understand why since there are waterfalls, 2000 feet cliffs, unpredictable weather, rocks falling, a lack of guard rail and the road is 12 feet wide.

Moher Cliffs – Ireland

These cliffs are located in Claire County and features many narrow walking paths covering 5 miles, with 700 feet drops on both sides. These are cliffs located in a really popular tourist destination in Ireland that draws in around 1 million people every year. Although the area may be crowded, few come for the mountain biking experience. The trails are simply frightening but if you are courageous, you will surely have the time of your life. Locally, these are known as Cliffs Of Insanity.

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Strada Delle 52 Gallerie – Italy

This is a military supply route from the first World War located close to Vicenza, Italy. The name refers to 52 galleries that are basically tunnels going through the mountains. These were protecting soldiers from avalanches and enemy fire. In 1917 the road became known as among the most scenic in the entire world. However, this does not mean it was not incredibly dangerous. Strada Delle 52 Gallerie is just 5 miles long but it is highly challenging on a mountain bike.

Comfortably Numb Whistler – Canada

This route can only be described as being highly technical. You will find it in British Columbia and the mountain biking trail is filled with narrow trees, steep descents, stick rock faces, switchbacks and more. The trail is also quite long, around 17 miles. You can ride it both ways but you have to be sure that you only tackle the trail when you are confident you have the necessary skills.

Portal Trail Moab – United States

You will find this landscape in Moab, Utah. Portal Trail is stunning and deadly. In fact, this is the deadliest of the bike trails you can find in USA. Portal follows the Poison Spider Mesa biking trail but it is many times more dangerous. You can find warning signs that tell you to get off the bike and then walk when you reach some highly dangerous parts. That is where many bikers died and when the views from the bike are incredible.

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