5 Most Beautiful Hindu Temples Outside India

In India, you can see lots of Hindu temples almost one at every kilometer you travel. In a country having an almost 80% of Hindu population, it is very natural to have temples at every sight. But, did you know that there are many most beautiful Hindu temples are actually situated outside India?

Yes. There are popular and beautiful Hindu Temples around the world. They are very famous for their grand architecture, ancestry, and the number of devotees visiting them during every year. If you are interested in visiting Hindu temples around the world, you must know these 5 most beautiful Hindu temples outside India.

By any chance, when you visit these countries, do not forget to visit these most beautiful Hindu temples.

Here is the list of 5 most beautiful Hindu temples outside India: 

1. Radha Madhav Temple – (USA)

Radha Madhav temple in Texas, USA is one of the world’s most beautiful Lord Krishna Temple. Radha Madhav Temple is also called ‘Radha Madhav Dham’ and also sometimes called ‘Barsana Dham’. It is the largest Hindu temple in Northern America. Also one of the oldest Hindu temples in America situated in Texas. Lots of Indians and other countrymen visit this temple every year.

The temple represents the holy land in India called ‘Braj’ believed to be the native place of Radha and Krishna lived at this holy land years ago.

Meditation Areas are built around this temple for devotees to meditate during their visit to this beautiful Hindu temple. The Radha Madhav Dham management arranges and celebrates Hindu festivals throughout the year. Among the celebrations, the biggest one is the Janmashtami celebrations, which is very famous in America among the Indian population and many American believers.

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Visit this largest Krishna temple in the world. If you are living in the USA, you must make sure that this beautiful Hindu temple is on your list of next travel. You will surely enjoy the grandeur of this famous Hindu monumental architecture. 

2. Glass Temple – Malaysia

Image from: Gadod.net

The Rajakaliamman Temple at Bahru, Malaysia is the oldest Hindu Temple in Malaysia. This temple is also called ‘Glass temple’ due to the use of Glass in its architecture. The famous Hindu temple was a simple shelter in 1922 and the current architecture was built on land donated by the Sultan of Johar.

This beautiful Hindu temple is famous for its glasswork which attracts tourists throughout the year. The glass architecture of this temple was built with the use of almost 300,000 glass pieces in its artwork. Also, the different color of these glass pieces creates an amazing view of the glass architecture.

There is an Athma Lingam of Lord Shiva installed as a lotus. Hindu Devotees perform their prayer by pouring rose water on this Athma Lingam. This Hindu temple in Malaysia is installed with  10 gold-finished Hindu sculptures which are very amazing to look at which attracts devotees visiting this temple repeatedly.

Don’t miss this beautiful glass temple when you visit Malaysia. Your Malaysian tour will not be a fulfilled one without visiting this most beautiful Hindu temple outside India.

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3) Swaminarayan Mandir (USA)

Image from: Wikipedia

This beautiful Hindu temple is situated in Atlanta, USA. Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is the largest Swaminarayan temple outside India. This Hindu temple has a hand-carved stone structure which is amazing to see.

The architecture of this famous and beautiful Hindu temple resembles the Himalayas having hills-like temple domes which remind of the Himalayas. The custom-carved stonework is very popular among the Hindu population in America and they visit to see the beautifulness of this artwork at least once a year.

If you are living in the USA or planning a visit to the USA, include this most beautiful Hindu temple in Atlanta.  If you are living in the USA, you may consider this popular Hindu temple on your next travel list.

4. Prambanan (Indonesia)

Prambanan‘ is a Hindu temple situated in Central Java in Indonesia. This beautiful Hindu temple of Indonesia is installed with the idols of Lords Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. This Hindu temple the largest in Indonesia and Southeast Asia’s biggest one. It is also called or ‘Candi Prambanan’ and sometimes called ‘Candi Rara Jonggrang’.

This temple is one of the world’s heritage sites recognized by UNESCO and preserved for its heritage. The three temples of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma are the main attraction of this temple. This heritage Hindu temple has 240 small temples within its compound. The lord shiva temple and the idol are the biggest among the temples.

If you visit Indonesia, this beautiful Hindu temple is one of the must-visit places in Indonesia. Don’t miss it. Most of the Hindu devotees who are on world tour make sure they visit this beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia.

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5. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat Hindu temple in Cambodia is considered to be the largest Hindu religious architecture in the world. As a country, Cambodia lies in South-East Asia. The largest ‘Angkor Wat’ Hindu monument is the primary and most popular tourist attraction. The flag of Cambodia also contains the image of this Hindu temple in it.

Lord Vishnu is worshiped at this beautiful Hindu temple at Angkor Wat. This monument was built by King Suryavarmanam II during the 12th century. Angkor Wat is considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The grandeur of this huge Hindu monument is admired by the tourists and attracts a huge tourist population every year. The architecture also includes a huge number of ‘devtas’ beautifully sculpted on the walls.

If you are planning a world tour or you are a devotee of

Hindu temples around the world, you must plan a visit to Angkor Wat to see the grandeur of this most beautiful and largest Hindu temple in the world.

Angkor Was is one of the must-visit Hindu temples for any Hindu devotee in the world. The huge architecture of this monument will surely satisfy your visit.

The above are the 5 most beautiful Hindu temples out of India. Each one of them is very famous for its heritage, architecture, and grandeur.  So, when you plan your next travel, include these 5 must-visit Hindu temples on your list.

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