A Guide to the Best European Castles

When we talk of the best European castles we are talking about those castles that have a unique charm and allure. Europe is truly an amazing place, which is why there are so many castles and palaces there. Some of the castles were built centuries back and are still in use; they have to cater to royalty hence the rich and the famous have their castle here. These places are now run and managed by the tourist agencies who earn money from providing entertainment for tourists. You can enjoy great times at these places with your family and friends by staying in a castle.

The best European castles vary in sizes and location depending on where you would want to stay. Castles are made to be awesome and captivating to make them very enticing to tourists. The more upscale and grand the castle, the more expensive it will be. This is where the typical European feel comes in – the castles are full of atmosphere and beauty.

Some of the best castles in Europe are located in Switzerland. There is Lake Zurich, which is Switzerland’s largest lake with a cluster of lakes surrounding it. The whole area is picturesque with a view of the Alps Mountains in the background. Lake Geneva is Switzerland’s second largest lake and it is famous for its picturesque glen, villages and chateaus. The Chateau de Geneva is Europe’s most photographed castle. In fact, many movie stars like Angelina Jolie have stayed in this castle.

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Haut Marais

Another popular European castle is the Haut Marais in France. This is known for being the home of Countess de Haut Marais. This castle is built entirely of white marble and has a very royal look to it. It also has a moat surrounded by arches and it gives off a feeling of grandeur and royalty. The best time to visit this castle is during the summer as it is usually crowded.

Castle of Falauregard is a castle in northern Spain. This castle is built on a peninsula and is one of the most visited tourist spots. The area around this castle is picturesque with palm trees and some amazing scenery. The best season to go here is in spring or fall.

Castle of Sicily

If you want to travel to an island in the Mediterranean Sea there is a castle in this part of Europe for you. The Castles of Sicily give you an idea of what ancient Sicilians were like and what life was like before civilization. This is one of the best places in the world to see the ancient ruins of mankind. You can hike the mountains, go on a sailing trip or simply walk the grounds. These are wonderful attractions that are great for families and groups alike. You can even stay at one of the villas dotted around the island.

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For something completely different try a castle in Goa. The stunningly beautiful beaches, churches and monasteries of Goa will give you a wonderful holiday experience. The best time to visit Goa is from October to March as it tends to get a little cold during these months. There are so many things to do in Goa and this will not be a disappointment. So if you want to see a castle, do some shopping or simply relax then a visit to this European castle is the perfect choice.

You should not leave Paris without visiting the Picasso Museum. This is one of the best museums you will ever come across. Here you will have an opportunity to view one of the greatest artists of the 20th century up close. There are also the Louvre and the Porte de la Reading. You can spend a couple of hours here admiring the art and admiring the view from the high windows. The best European castles are found in the Mediterranean and there is nothing more in the world than seeing them from the sea.

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