6 Tips For Ocean Kayaking In Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a beautiful islands region in North Carolina that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland. The beautiful beaches and numerous water activities that can be experienced make Outer Banks a great holiday destination for those who want to learn new ways to enjoy the water or to improve their skills.

Outer Banks visitors can enjoy one of the most exhilarating kayaking experience – ocean kayaking. Nowadays, kayaking can be a serene and calm experience or an adrenaline inducing experience that ca be enjoyed by both novice and experienced kayakers. However, kayaking in the ocean is a little bit more dangerous so more precautions should be taken in order to enjoy an amazing adventure without putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

Here are a list of 6 tips for ocean kayaking in Outer Banks you should consider if you plan your next kayaking expedition in this beautiful North Carolina region:

  1. Take A Lesson

No matter your ability level with sea or river kayaking, if you want to try ocean kayaking, you should take a lesson with a certified instructor before dipping your paddle in the water. After your lesson you can decide if you are ready to have an ocean kayaking expedition or if you need more lessons before going on your own in the ocean.

  1. Always Wear A Life Jacket

Underestimating the ocean is never a good idea so wearing a life jacket while paddling in the ocean is a necessity as much as it is a safety measure.

  1. Pick A Landmark

When you are kayaking in the ocean the beach will look the same from afar so make sure you pick a landmark near your departing spot in order to be able to return safely from where you left.

  1. Pay Attention To The Weather Conditions

Some days are too rough for ocean kayaking. If the waves are too big, you should consider waiting for a better day. Experienced kayakers can go out in the ocean when the waves are bigger but not without studying the wave pattern and launching the kayak only when the waves are in a calmer period.

  1. Learn How To Launch The Kayak Into The Ocean

This may seem like a no-brainer but launching a kayak into the ocean is different than launching it into the sea or into a river due to the waves that break directly on the beach. The best way to launch the kayak into the ocean is to wait for a break in the waves and then jump into the kayak and paddle quickly through the surf zone. In this way kayakers can avoid being dump by the big waves.

  1. Use A Sit On Top Kayak

If you are not an experienced paddler, you should use a sit on top kayak. This kayak style is suitable for beginners. The seats are completely sealed to the kayak and that makes it easier to roll it over without the kayak being filled with water.

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With these 6 simple tips for ocean kayaking in Outer Banks, both experienced kayakers and beginners can enjoy a beautiful and safe kayaking expedition that will allow them to enjoy the ocean and the amazing beach views.

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