Unexpected Bird Watching Havens Hidden In Cities

If you are on a holiday in any of the cities mentioned and are a bird watcher at heart, there is a possibility that your vacation is going to instantly become better. For some of the remote birds you do not necessarily need to travel to the off-track spots. Some cities offer much more than expected.

Malaga – Spain

You can often see blue rock thrushes and black wheatears in Malaga, with monk parakeets, house sparrows and black restarts surrounding you at times. Malaga has a huge tourism value because of various reasons so it is no surprise to see that bird watching is not that well-known. However, the local city council did organize various conservation areas. Guadalhorce River is one that you want to visit to find the most impressive bird in Malaga, the white-headed duck, an endangered bird.

Talinn – Estonia

Estonia’s capital is going to welcome you with bird watching opportunities from the moment you land at the airport. Even the logo of the airport is a bird so you know what to expect. Some of the birds that you can see are thrush nightingales, icterine warblers, terns and pied flycatchers. To make matters even more interesting, since this is a city on the coast, the beach can offer bearded reedlings during winter. Check out the welcoming Paljassaare Special Conservation Area since there are over 230 bird species that have their house there.

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Berlin – Germany

Here you can actually find the largest world goshhawks population, with the largest possibility of seeing them being in Tiergarten, which is Berlin’s own Kensington Gardens version. Greenfinch and spotted woodpeckers are also really common. Many of the locals have no idea that the goshawks are present and bird watchers are surprised to see them.

New York City – USA

This city is renowned for the steel and concrete housed but what you might not know is that there are 14 beach miles present and an impressive 28,000 acres covering parkland. It is also right on the Atlantic Flyway, a huge migration route for neotropical birds going between the country of Canada and South America. If you visit when migration time comes, there are millions of beautiful birds that can be seen. The one destination that you do want to visit as a bird enthusiast is Central Park. There are around 120 bird species that are present there during spring, including black-throated green, porthonotary and downy woodpeckers.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

If you are interested in urban birding, you have to visit Argentina, especially Buenos Aires. If in the area you want to visit Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve. Here there are countless bird species in an area that is right between city skyscrapers and Rio de la Plata. The urban wetland is a perfect habitat for various birds, with a species list that is incredibly long. The bird watching star here is coscoroba swan, which is the smallest swan in the entire world, similar in size to the domestic goose we all know but featuring a duck bill.

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