6 Tips to Staying in Hotels for Less

While there are other accommodation options, you still would want to experience staying in a hotel at least once in your life as a traveler.

This isn’t possible even when you are traveling on a budget. With the right strategy alongside your bargaining skills, you can find a good-value hotel.


Shop and compare 

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Do not give in to the first seemingly attractive offer you see. There are still a lot more irresistible deals out there, which you wouldn’t discover without searching. Inquire from several hotels. Ask for quotes and compare afterward. Where do you think can you gain the most savings? Is it from that hotel that provides complementary meals? Or that which is only a walking distance to most sites you are planning to visit? Or that which offers free airport transfers? Read more from customer reviews.


Book direct

You wouldn’t need the aid of a middleman. You can however, as much as you want, seek the assistance of a reliable friend who’s good with negotiations. Nevertheless, there are higher chances you will be able to score a good deal when you are booking straight to the hotel itself, than when you are coursing the transaction through a third-party. The hotel, for one, has to pay a certain amount to whosoever directed you to them.

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Paying in cash can earn you discounts. If you plan on doing so, let the hotel staff know and  inquire whether you can be given a discount. Emphasize the number of days you are staying. If you are traveling off-peak then bargaining should be easier. Ask about the rates then let them know the amount you can only afford. They might be able to help meet your budget. Otherwise, you can just say thanks and that you think you’re moving on to your other options. That’s another tactic so they’ll come after you. Though risky, you may also find booking last minute beneficial to saving more.


Skip the chains or prominent hotels 

Five-star hotels are for sure pricey. So be more flexible with your choices. There are small hotels that can give just what you need without burning holes in your pocket.


Pay for what you need

Are you planning to stay in the hotel throughout your vacation? Bet not. You will be spending most of your time exploring your destination. And you are likely to spend time at the hotel only at night. Then, you will no longer need posh amenities. If there are beaches around then you will not have to look for a hotel with swimming pools. Moderately-priced hotels today now offer free Wi-fi to their guests.

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Create your own itinerary 

You know what you want. You need not rely to your hotel to plan the entire trip for you. You can do and discover more when you make your own itinerary. The more benefits you can earn when you are several in the group. Hotels are likely to take you to restaurants filled with tourists. There’s nothing wrong dining with your fellow foreigners. But thing is, there is more to mingling and interacting with locals. Rich travel experience lies in there.

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