Staycation or Vacation -Is it Cheaper to Go on Holiday Abroad?

By Vesi

As people begin to tighten their budgets in this current economic climate, one of the first things often to be eliminated is leisure activities, with holidays in particular getting the chop. However a vacation doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The last few years have seen the rise of the ‘staycation’, a new holiday trend where you spend your vacation time at home exploring the city and surrounding area you live in as opposed to going abroad.


The staycation is widely considered to be cheaper than traditional holidays as you do not have to pay out for money on flights, travel insurance, hotels and all the other extra little costs that come with travelling overseas. So, when it comes to holidays during a budget crunch, is it better to stay at home or go abroad?


The main appeal of a staycation is that many of us have never fully explored the city we live in, which can often surprise you with the many hidden attractions and treasures it has to offer. There are opportunities for more staycation savings with local attractions which often have discounts for children, students, and pensioners.  With careful planning and budgeting, you could save money and still have fun without leaving the country. This is often a great option for anyone, from couples to families with small children, who have a limited budget for holidays.

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Many staycationers like to take the experience to the next level and will often book into local accommodation. Not being in the house gives you that great getaway feeling without the international prices. It’s also incredibly easy to find a cheap hotel to build a stay-at-home holiday and booking close to your time-off can often bring up some great last minute deals. If you’re taking your staycation a little further away from home, staying in a hotel could also cut costs on travelling to the nearby attractions you want to check out.

If the idea of spending your time away from work in your hometown still doesn’t seem that appealing, going abroad for your holiday can still be done for a reasonable price. If you live close to a local airport, you may find that budget airlines will have special deals during the summer or winter holidays to specific destinations. If you’re more of a risk taker, you could just pack your bags, turn up to the airport and enquire as to what the next cheapest flight is!


One of the fastest growing holiday destinations is Turkey, especially its beaches such as those near Bodrum.  This is mainly because many budget airlines offer package holidays to Turkey, often for very reasonable prices. A basic package will include your flights, travel to your destination from the airport and your hotel. If you have more room in your budget, you can include activities and tours of the surrounding area.

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Whether you decide to stay in the area or go abroad for your holidays, the most important part is to enjoy yourself and have fun. By not constantly counting the pennies, you can focus on the relaxing time away from work or studying that you deserve.

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