Agritourism In India

When referring to tourism in India, we rarely consider Agritourism. This is because nobody really knows much about it. When thinking about the Indian tourism industry, agritourism is relatively new and will take place on farms in most situations. Tourists get the possibility to see an authentic rural life, taste genuine local food and get familiar with farming tasks that go on every single day. You can easily escape from the life you are used to and see a natural environment that is usually surrounded by a magnificent setting.

Staying At Farms

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Agritourism in India automatically means that you will stay at farms. You will not stay in a hotel and you will love the diversity. A rural ambiance will help you to escape regular life. At the same time, based on where you will go, you will learn about the villager’s unique lifestyle. See culture and tradition in action, with conversations that will show you that these people are simple and warm-hearted.

You will be able to play rural games like astaash or kho kho. You can watch wrestling matches and bull fights in some villages and tours will usually bring in locations where colorful village costumes can be seen. You will notice women wearing the ghagra choli and the saris. Men will wear the traditional turbans and kurtas.

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You can now venture into agricultural lands and spend time with villagers that can teach you so much. Roam into undisturbed fields and see the real flavor of the country. You will see farmers that are working in the fields, mountains, forests and wells.

Animal Rides

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Based on where you visit, you will be able to also enjoy some animal rides in India. Most farms will offer entertainment options. You can ride on bullock carts with villagers right into agricultural fields. You see how they carry fodder for the animals in buggies and there are areas where you can take a camel ride in order to explore the entire area.

Besides riding, you will also interact with many animals. In India, you can enjoy cow milking at most firms. It is something that is difficult and you can feed cows with chapatis and fodder after you milk them.

Crafts And Arts

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In Indian villages you can see exhibitions of handicrafts. You can see tradition and culture that was passed from one generation to the next. There are even some items that you can make and that you can take with you as a great memory.

If possible, try to participate in some of the seasonal harvest festivals and fairs. Some of the really popular villages with such events are Pongal, Baishaki and Onam. This is where you will enjoy music and dance, both traditional, performed by the villagers. However, local tradition should be respected. Make sure that you never take a photograph without the permission of the locals.

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Make sure that you take as much time as possible to see what agritourism options are available in India. You will love what is offered and this is a great experience.

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