African Safari In Ohio – African Safari Wildlife Park

Those interested in a safari experience in Ohio will definitely love the option available from the African Safari Wildlife Park. This is a really interesting safe refuge for so many animals for all corners of the world, with a location in Port Clinton. This location basically cooperates with many wildlife parks and zoos, doing all that it cans in order to save wildlife while offering family fun options. The staff is great and many captive breeding populations are managed.

Out of the animals that you can see, we should mention: elks, giraffes, alpaca, zebra, deer, bisons and guanaco. The animals will be on display for all park visitors and you can actually interact with most of them. Mommies can be seen during spring and summer.

You can get to the African Safari Wildlife Park for an African safari in Ohio from Cedar Point, to the west for 17 miles. Restaurants and lodging are available nearby if needed.

Drive Thru Safari

African Safari Wildlife Park 3

There are two safari options available in the African Safari Wildlife Park. The first one is the Drive Thru Safari. Just drive through the park and feed or meet animals. You will definitely enjoy feeding a camel or a giraffe since the experience is quite interesting. There are exotic species that are available but during the cold winter months, not all will be displayed.

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Walk Thru Safari

African Safari Wildlife Park

There are different shows that you can be a part of and the Walk Thru Safari is among the most popular. This safari is basically just like a zoo setting, featuring various species that you will love.


African Safari Wildlife Park 2

Keep in mind that prices can change as time passes so check out the website to see if the prices are still accurate. The prices will vary based on season, with them being more expensive during Summer. Children under 3 years old will get in free with an adult and discounts are available for children 4 to 6. Group rates will be available with discounts available starting at 10 visitors. With organized school groups, teachers and parents can get in at $5 each and the bus drivers get in for free. However, advanced reservation is needed.

Various food options are available while inside the safari park. You can get a Giraffe Neck ice cream for $5 and you should seriously consider eating at the Safari Grill. There are many menu items included from cheeseburgers to fountain drinks. If you do not want to eat at the grill, you can always visit the Snack Bar for various options from cheese dogs to bratwursts.

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