Alpine Skiing In Iceland – Important Facts To Consider

The truth is that most people out there do not go to Iceland simply to enjoy downhill skiing since the slopes are not as great as they would need to be. However, there are various ski touring options that are available including ski mountaineering, backcountry skiing, Telemark skiing and cross-country skiing. The popularity is constantly growing, with downhill skiers having a large diversion available.

Alpine skiing in Iceland is really popular during the season, from November to April, although conditions are the best from February to early April. Keep in mind that there is limited winter daylight in Iceland. Because of this, most of the slopes will be lighted and include extended evening hours, all for the delight of tourists from all around the world.

There are various small towns that include a ski lift that takes the traveler to a local mountain. There are not many that visit in small cities though, which is something that you may want to consider since the alpine skiing experience would be different.



The best of the ski centers is obviously Blafjoll. It is located 21 miles to the southeast of Reykjavik. This is also the largest of the ski centers in Iceland. There are 15 lifts available, with snowboarding options, different cross-country tracks, snack bars, a weekend ski school and snack bars. Equipment rental is available. Several busses are available, connecting the entire region so access is available from different cities.

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Other Interesting Ski Centers

alpine skiing iceland

If you do not want to go for the most popular alpine ski center in Iceland, you can opt for Hlidarfjall or Tungudalur. They are also really good and the entire ski touring season is covered properly.

Ski Touring

alpine skiing cross country tours

There are many options that are available from cross country skiing to Telemark skis or stubby mountaineering skiing. You will want to visit the Icelandic Alpine Club in order to see tourist information of great importance.

It is interesting to notice the fact that there are various ski touring operators that you can work with. The most interesting ones according to customer reviews are the following:

  • Borea Adventures – Offering 2 backcountry skiing tours in Westfjords. You can choose out of a 7 days training course for winter mountaineering or a 5 days trip that takes you to the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.
  • Ferdafelag Islands – Various cross-country skiing opportunities on glaciers are available during spring. You can opt for a 1 day tour or a 3 days excursion.
  • From Coast To Mountains – There are 6 to 8 hours ski tours that include cross-country skiing and that take you to areas that are simply stunning. You can visit the highest peak in Iceland and much more.

On the whole, alpine skiing in Iceland is truly tremendous and has to be considered in Europe. It is a shame to notice the fact that many do not actually take it into account. Iceland is a really great country that you have to visit in the event you love skiing. The scenery is tremendous and you will practically love everything that you see. The prices are not as high as you may believe and you are faced with an overall great experience, in a country that is practically relying on tourism.

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