Asia’s Vibrant Hot Air Balloon Spots

If you want to have a lot of fun and be adventurous at a high altitude without even using your muscles you will want to experience hot air balloon rides. You will feel excitement and the locations that are available at the moment are definitely interesting. You will appreciate the opportunities present at the moment in Asia, with those below being among the best. They are going to be appreciated by all people that love adrenaline.

Angkor – Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor hot air balloon

The Angkor Wat temple features so many tourists that you will feel a little pressured. An alternative is to be way above the location and experience panoramic views of the huge ancient temple complex. Besides the complex, you will also love the views of the local life and the surrounding villages. If you are not as adventurous as those that would be interested in a long hot air balloon ride, you can also go for a shorter 10 minute ride with the balloon being tied with a rope for safety purposes.

Cappadocia – Turkey


The clay ground is a perfect starting point for a hot air balloon ride that you will remember for a really long time. Cappadocia’s landscape right in the middle of Turkey is simply beautiful. There are various unique rock formations that can be seen like the Fairy Chimneys together with soft rocks that are actually carved by many human inhabitants. Most of the people that went on a hot air balloon ride in the area say that this place is one that everyone should experience at least once. The popularity of the travel activity has led towards many balloon operators that offer great deals to those interested so be sure that you conduct a good research before you go.

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Bagan – Myanmar


Most people that visit Bagan will want to go hot air ballooning. The aerial view is the reason why people want to visit since we have thousands of pagodas and temples that are available, both huge and really small. You will want to see various ancient buildings present, many glazed in gold like Shwezigon Pagoda and the Ananda temple. Sometimes the air will be cool and the atmosphere will seem to be apocalyptic. The perfect place to see this scenery is from way up in the air.

Dubai – United Arab Emirates


It seems like you can really do anything that you want in Dubai so it should come as no surprise to see this city on the list. While you cannot enjoy a magic carpet ride, you will be able to simply experience a great flight through the hot air balloon rides available. You should know that the desert ecosystem here is much more impressive than you would initially imagine, with the city of Dubai being wonderful.

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