Beach Essentials to Make Sure You Have Fun in the Sun

Beach Essentials to Make Sure You Have Fun in the SunLadies, when you’re preparing for a trip to the beach, you should always have a bag of essentials that includes fashionable accessories, activities for your stay, and protection from the sun. To ensure you have a good time, here is a list of the things you should always carry with you to the beach.

Protection from the Sun


One of the most important things to prepare yourself for is the blazing sun that is likely to beam down on you during your time at the beach. Within your bag of beach essentials, you should have multiple layers of protection against the sun, including sunscreen, hats, shawls, sunglasses, and maybe a beach umbrella if you know there won’t be one provided. Your sunscreen should be water resistant and applied on all parts of your bare skin that will be exposed to the sun. This includes your face and ears. Be sure to also reapply more sunscreen throughout the day. Although this does not have to be a constant occurrence, it’s better to use too much sunscreen than not enough.

Shawls, hats, and sunglasses are absolute necessities, doubling as additional protection against the sun and fashion accessories. Invest in a shawl that is going to give you enough air flow to keep your body cool. Also, hats should provide protection for your face and, if possible, your ears too. The nose is one of the most common areas where skin cancer is diagnosed so you should always provide additional protection for your head area. Sunglasses will help protect your eyes from the blinding light that comes directly from the sun and also indirectly due to reflection from the water and sand. What better way to protect your eyes than with a pair of designer sunglasses that also spice up the look and feel of your beach accessories? Right now, the Michael Kors collection is now available at Red Hot Sunglasses. It’s the perfect way to maximise the style of your protective and fashionable gear for use against UV rays.

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Activities That Will Show Off Your Beach Body

The chances are that you’ve spent the off-season whipping your body into shape for the first day you’d be out frolicking in the sun on the beach. Now that time’s come, rather than just sitting around beneath the rays, you should get up and take part in a few physical activities to really show off your beach body. To be able to do this, always make sure you take a volleyball, football, or maybe even a Frisbee to toss around along the beach or in the water. At least one of these three should be included on your list of beach essentials and should always make an appearance if possible. Physical activities are bound to attract strangers to your group and allow you to socialise with new people. This is a great way to show off your body and make some new friends along the way, all while getting a decent workout under the sun.


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