Best Hikes In Israel

Best Hikes In IsraelIsrael can only be described as a paradise for a hiker. We have access to many interesting trails, including one with a length of 580 miles, which is a lot longer than with others in other countries. We will present some of the best opportunities for hiking so that you can create a trip that you will absolutely love.

Nahal Katlav – Jerusalem – 4 Hours

Nahal Katlav

The 4 hours hike will start from Bar Behar restaurant. It is really close to the city of Jerusalem. You go on a path that descends and goes towards a riverbed. You will spend one hour walking along that river bed and although water does not exist anymore, the beauty is wonderful, together with the solitude that you will love. You then move towards Bar Giora train station where you want to have a snack. Then, move towards an Arab village that is abandoned. The trail is difficult during really warm times but you will love the frozen drink at the end.

Upper Nahal David – Dead Sea – 1 To 5 Hours

Upper Nahal David

Nahal David stands out as a highly popular area among tourists. It is a part of the Ein Gedi Nature Reverse, which means an entrance fee is necessary, around $5. After you enter the reserve, you go on a half an hour hike towards David’s waterfall, a location that is highly photographed in Israel. This is basically the total 1 hour hike that is perfect for beginners.

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If you are more experienced or you want to go for a 5 hours hike, you can do this with ease. There are various interesting options you appreciate and the real payout is reaching the end of the local canyon. It is wonderful and really beautiful for all people that visit.

Wadi Kelt – Judean Desert – 5 Hours

Wadi Kelt

In Israel, Wadi Kelt stands out as the most popular hiking region. There are around 60,000 people that visit every single day. We have a parking lot that simply cannot offer all the space that is needed for all the people that visit. The parking lot is the first place you visit and then you go towards west for the hiking experience.

The end of the hike will take you to the Monastery Of St. George, a monastic community that appeared in the year 420. This is a wonderful experience that you will surely love.

Mount Zefachot – Eilat Mountains

Mount Zefachot

The entire Eilat area is beautiful and wonderful to find. You will surely love the hiking experience that is offered in the region. You will want to climb Mount Zefachot. It is not at all a climb that is easy. However, the views are definitely wonderful. While the hike itself is not at all beautiful, once you reach the top, everything pays off. The descent options are numerous and you choose based on the length that you will want to walk.

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