Beijing – A Starting Point For Outdoor Adventures

The capital of China is well known for its ancient sites combined with modern architecture. Beijing is a cultural hub and home to luxurious palaces, sumptuous temples, gorgeous parks and gardens, walls, gates and tombs. The city is perfect for those who like to visit a place where they can experience culture and art combined with urban modernism, but Beijing is also a great place for those who like to enjoy outdoor activities. So here’s our top 6 things to do in and around Beijing for outdoor lovers:

  1. Climbing The Great Wall Of China

Conquering the Great Wall of China is an obvious choice for those who want to visit Beijing, but we had to mention it since the trekking trails offer truly breathtaking views and diverse landscapes with green valleys and mountains if you visit during summer or beautiful views of snow-covered peaks if you visit during winter.

  1. Paragliding Over The Great Wall Of China

Since we started with the Great Wall of China we also have to mention paragliding is an alternative or complementary activity to climbing for the courageous tourists who want to discover the famous landmark from above.

  1. Beijing Rafting And Dragon Boat Trips

Beijing is home to over 200 rivers that offer various fun water activities including rafting and dragon boat trips. Adventurers will be happy to discover that rafting through the Chinese mountains will deliver a thrilling experience with remarkable views. Dragon boat trips are more appropriate for family vacations since they provide a safer way to explore the lakes and rivers in Beijing.

  1. Beijing Cycling

Beijing Cycling

Beijing is friendly to cyclists and Chinese people living in Beijing adopted cycling as their favorite mean of transport a long time ago. It will be a terrible mistake not to experience Beijing by bike! Renting a bike and cycling around the city will allow you to discover hidden places and less known tourist destinations.

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There are also various biking tours available for those who want to learn more about Beijing’s history, while cycling on ancient alleys or around the city’s lakes.

  1. Sand Sliding And Sandboarding

Sand Sliding And Sandboarding

China’s sandy peaks are a great place to try new adventures! Sand sliding and sandboarding are some fun sand activities that if you didn’t try, you really have to! There are some great places for these recreational activities around Beijing, so don’t hesitate to visit them! In case you wondered, sand activities are known to be safer than skiing and other mountain activities but, as in the case of any outdoor activity, taking precautions and learning the safe way to sand slide and sand board is recommended.

  1. Enhance Your Mental And Physical Health With A Tai Chi Class

Enhance Your Mental And Physical Health With A Tai Chi Class

Tai Chi is an ancient type of martial art known for its health benefits. Most people from Beijing love to go to the city’s parks during early morning or in the evenings to practice Tai Chi. You can join them or you can book a class to learn more about the benefits of practicing Tai Chi.

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