Best fishing spots in Miami

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Undoubtedly Miami is one of the best vacation destinations for the people all over the world. Its versatility makes it one of the favorite spot for spending time with their family or with their loved ones. Miami is a place suits to the any category of people- the young ones or the older ones. The fishing idolizers love to visit the Miami beaches as it offers an everlasting experience to them. If one visits Miami and didn’t go for fishing and then their trip is surely incomplete because some of the best fishing places in Florida are in Miami.

Sailfish is almost found at every season in Miami Beaches. Due to this fondness of people towards the fishing and boating, the local companies are doing a handsome business from the tourists itself. The charters are always provided to the tourists for their support and assistance as per required by the customers for half day or even for the whole day. The charters are expert in those oceans to make you surf their and enjoy the unbeatable experience.


Some of the best fishing places in Miami 

It is really arm twisting to find the best of all the Miami Beaches. But after many surveys and the choices of the tourists from different countries of the world, we came to the conclusion with the following best fishing places to hang out with your near and dear ones.

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Rickenbacker Causeway


Rickenbacker Causeway
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This is the best fishing spot in Miami to have fun and explore the sea to its deepest. This is one of the finest and attractive places because it consists of all the comforts and amenities required by any of the traveller. One can explore the ocean and enrich its knowledge with wide variety of species in the sea. The visitors surf at this place in the early mornings because at this time one can have a clear look at the sharks, bonefish, tarpon, dolphin and many other mammals and species.

Tropical Park

This Lake is considered to be the landmark for the fresh water mammals. Its beauty is just invincible for any other lake of fresh water. It is situated at the north of the tropical park with its wide large mouth. It is also the center of attraction for tourists as it not only consists of the fishing area but is also equipped with the dog parks and tennis lounges with its fabulous fishing facilities. One can enjoy every aspect at this very place.

79th Street Bridge

This is the legal place for fishing in the city where no one can restrict you from your hobby of fishing and enjoying your trip.  As it is under the federal government, the rules are very strict and needed to be adhered by one and all. The gates of the bridge get closed during the sunset time so if you acknowledge all the corners of this bridge, better start your trip early morning with a big haul.

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Matheson Hammock Park

This is partially man- made beach that is some of the mammals like anglers are made to shift to this beach with the tidal action.

Black Point Marina

It consists of 1.5 miles area with a restaurant and bar across the area and a jogging trail too.


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