Swimming With The Dolphins In Miami

Who doesn’t want to go swimming with dolphins? These majestic creatures are incredibly cute and Miami is definitely a wonderful destination for those that want to meet these mammals in a “face-to-face” experience. You can go with your entire family since you can either go swimming or just interacting with the mammals in shallow waters.

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In Miami you will need to visit the Miami Seaquarium in order to be able to meet and swim with the dolphins. There are 2 encounter options that are available. This allows you to learn so much about these marine mammals and enjoy a half an hour interaction with playful dolphins. The Dolphin Encounter is what most people love but you can also opt for the Dolphin Odyssey experience, which allows you to actually swim right on a dolphin’s back. This is an experience that nobody will forget. Both of the options allow you to visit all Miami Seaquarium shows and exhibits for one day.


  • Dolphin Experience at the wonderful Miami Seaquarium
  • 2 possible dolphin encounters
  • Feed, pet and even shake hands with a dolphin
  • Learn dolphin training signals
  • Dolphin Odyssey experience allows you to swim with the dolphins

What To Expect

miami swimming with dolphins

  • Dolphin Encounter

This is a shallow-water fun-filled great program that is perfect for the entire family. There is an introduction that happens with a dolphin trainer. This allows you to learn a lot about these mammals.

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You will be able to interact with the dolphin as he will sleep right next to you. However, you will not be able to swim with the mammals. Around half an hour of interaction will happen with a fun dolphin, allowing you to shake his “hands” and even share a kiss, which is definitely memorable.

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  • Dolphin Odyssey

This is the package that you are interested in if you want to actually go swimming with dolphins in Miami. You will wear a wetsuit and be taken through a training session with a dolphin trainer. Then, you will go in deep water and interact with the dolphins for 30 minutes. This does include training techniques, feeding, handshaking, kisses and a lot of swimming. Dolphin dorsal fin pulling is included, of course!

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