Best Hiking Locations In France

Best Hiking Locations In FranceWhenever thinking about France people refer to the Eiffel Tower and Paris. Most do not know that there are so many travel activities that are possible in the country, with hiking actually having a really high tradition. France has various sites that you can consider if you want to climb and hike. Many routes are available since the history of hiking is high and many hikers from all around the world want to visit.

South Of Paris Hiking

South Of Paris Hiking

When you hike here, the most important attraction is Fontainebleau forest. If you love boulder climbing, you will particularly love this location, allowing you to explore different climbing techniques and you will get ready to train for a bigger climb. Circuit Des 25 Bosses is the really popular option with an ascent of 1000m. You will spend one day doing this. We recommend that you visit during winter, when it is rainy and cold since you are climbing grit stone. The months between October and April are the best ones possible. Hiking length in the area is of 30 kilometers.

Auxerre To Macon – Burgundy Hiking

Burgundy Hiking

This is a hiking area that is mostly visited by locals and Parisians. In Burgundy you can climb around 20 cliffs. Most of these are limestone and 1 pitch, although there are some with 2 and 3 pitches. Many major routes exist and you do have access to steep cliffs in the event that you want to be better and practice climbing abilities. The beginner will be able to find ascents that are easy. Many of the cliffs will be close to streams and green fields, making everything more interesting. The weather will be rainy, usually during November to March and during the summer the temperature is hot. You basically gain access to a hiking length of 200 kilometers, which is quite huge.

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Mulhouse And Strasbourg Hiking

Strasbourg Hiking

There is great hiking available in the Eastern France low mountains, quite close to Germany. The area is mostly wooden and there are different climbing cliffs available in grit and granite. The areas that are the most famous among hikers are Hohneck and Martinswand. You do not end up faced with a high altitude gain so beginner hikers will surely appreciate the experience. During winter, you will be able to experience snow walks with snow shoes, which are always lovely. The highest summit you can experience is Grand Ballon. Just make sure that you plan according to the weather since it is quite hot during summer and really cold in winter.

Besancon Hiking

Besancon Hiking

The mountain range here is shared with Germany and Switzerland. You want to go a little higher than the Vosges region as it is really good for hiking. This includes various different opportunities for many hiking experiences. The great thing is that you will get a spectacular view of Mont-Blanc. A really interesting climbing spot is Baume-Les-Dames and the weather is classic continental. The French part of the mountain range covers hiking opportunities that range up to 170 kilometers.

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