Sweden’s Unique Outdoor Adventures

Sweden's Unique Outdoor AdventuresSweden is a great country for those who love outdoor activities and adventures. Nature lovers can enjoy a wide range of activities including hiking, canoeing, rafting, fishing and fun winter sports. Sweden’s countryside is a paradise for those who want to enjoy a relaxing vacation outdoor and the lakes, the beaches and the mountains make great destinations for those looking for a little bit of adrenaline rush.

Hiking in Sweden

Hiking in Sweden

Sweden is home to over forty long-distance footpaths that cover the entire country. Due to Sweden’s Right of Public Access tourists can walk freely everywhere they want in the country. Sweden’s routes are sprinkled with overnight mountain accommodations that allow tourists to rest during their hikes.

One of Sweden’s most popular routes is the King’s Route or Kungsleden, a path that stretches between Abisko and Hemavan through 460 kilometers of superb landscapes, isolated territories and Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain.

Another beautiful hiking trail is Kolarbyn Ecolodge, a trail situated next to Lake Skarsjon that offers an approximately 2 hour easy hike, perfect for beginners.

Canoeing And Rafting In Sweden

Canoeing And Rafting In Sweden

Sweden is a country where those who love water sports can find nearly 100.000 lakes. Besides the wonderful lakes, Sweden offers thousands of kilometers of rivers and canals that are excellent for canoeing and rafting.

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Klaralven River is one of the most popular Sweden destination for rafting and the Stockholm archipelago is an amazing area for almost all water sports.

Saunas And Swimming Lakes In Sweden

Saunas And Swimming Lakes In Sweden

Sweden’s countryside is a place where tourists can find traditional wood-burning saunas with temperatures ranging from 70 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius. Swimming suits are forbidden in the wood saunas since they can collect sweat that can soak into the wooden benches. After a sauna session, tourists can take a cold shower or roll in the snow during winter to cool off.

Swimming is another activity you can enjoy while visiting Sweden’s lakes. If you like the idea of skinny dipping, Sweden is more than perfect! Since the country has the lowest population density in Europe, you’ll most probably be able to swim naked without being seen by other tourists.

Fishing In Sweden

Fishing In Sweden

Besides visiting the larger lakes in Sweden for fishing, tourists can try fishing just opposite the Parliament building, in the middle of Stockholm. This may sound a little bit crazy, but Sweden’s capital is a great fishing spot for catching salmon and fishing is also free.

The coastline and the larger lakes are also great destinations for fishing in Sweden. Char, trout, salmon are just some fish species that can be caught in Sweden’s waters. Most fishing locations require a permit for freshwater fishing.

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Winter Sports In Sweden

Winter Sports in Sweaden

The Scandinavian region is a popular tourist destination during winter and Sweden has some incredibly popular ski resorts especially in the northern region of the country. Riksgransen, Are and Idre are the most loved ski resorts in Sweden so if you plan to go skiing in one of these locations, make sure you book accommodation in advance. Snowboarding is also possible at Riksgransen. Those who want to try new adventures can visit Kiruna for snowmobile riding, dog sledding or ice fishing.

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