Best Norway Caving Destinations

Discovering Norway through an underground trip is an exhilarating adventure that includes stunning limestone formations and deep caving systems. Novice and experienced cavers will discover Norway’s caves through abseiling, crawling and walking so being physically fit is a necessity if you want to embark in a caving trip. Besides the traditional caving adventure, Norway also offers the possibility of ice caving. This truly incredible experience is something that tourists shouldn’t miss if they visit Norway. Hiking is necessary to reach some of the caves. The hiking trails are magnificent and outdoor enthusiasts will surely enjoy this pre-caving experience.

Cavers have a lot of options if they want to discover Norway’s beautiful underground so we made a list of the most beautiful caves in Norway for caving enthusiasts:

  1. Nigardsbreen Ice Cave

Nigardsbreen Ice Cave

This beautiful ice cave located in Norway’s Jostedal Glacier National Park, beneath the Nigardsbreen region, was named the “ice cathedral” by one scientist that was fascinated by its beauty.

The cave is 20 meters wide and 30 meters deep and it features some magnificent blue ice formations and spectacular large icicles. The cave appearance is never the same since the ice formations change their shape and size due to the varied weather conditions. One visit in this amazing place is not enough especially for those who really enjoy a great caving experience.

  1. Blue Ice Caves

Blue Ice caves

The Nigardsbreen glacier is also home to the so called blue ice caves. The giant blue ice world of the Nigardsbreen glacier is the place where this amazing caves can be explored. Ice caving is different than regular caving, but the experience is as amazing as it can get.

  1. Trollkirka Caves

Trollkirka Caves

These amazing marble and stone caves are the place where cavers can admire beautiful underground rivers and waterfalls. The underground space is full of stunning stalactites and stalagmites and unusual rock formation on the caves’ walls. All these beautiful features that provide a great caving experience.

  1. Svarthamarhola Cave

Svarthamarhola Cave

The largest cave chamber in Scandinavia has 4 entrances and it is located inside a marble band, next to the tourist city Fauske. Inside the cave a 3000 years old ice mass can be admired. The layers of ice that form the ice mass are truly fascinating and one of the reasons the cave is highly visited by tourists who love good caving explorations.

  1. Grønligrotta Caves

Grønligrotta Caves

Grønligrotta is located in Mo i Rana, south of the Arctic Circle, and it is the only illuminated cave in Scandinavia. Caving here will allow tourists to discover a beautiful underground river, a granite block that was torn off by a glacier and incredible rock maze.

  1. The White Caves of Gudvangen

The White Caves of Gudvangen

The mountain of Anorthosit has beautiful white insides and it is a magical place especially in colored light and candle light. Some tourists say this experience is like no other and all tourists should try it. Others prefer more adrenaline inducing caving activities. In this case the white caves can be a great relaxation spot from more demanding caving explorations.

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