Best Snowshoeing Destinations In Canada

When it comes to snow related activities it should come as no surprise to see Canada as a true paradise. We are talking about a country that basically gives you access to numerous wonderful winter activities, including snowshoeing. You can actually enjoy the travel activity at various destinations all around the country, with the following being highly recommended.

British Columbia

Whistler in British Columbia is basically the most famous snowshoeing spot in Canada. You can enjoy numerous groomed and even backcountry trails based on personal preference. It is not at all difficult to find equipment rental and there are guides you can easily get a hold on.

To the west of Whistler you will want to check out Callaghan County since it has access to over 8,000 acres of alpine terrain that can challenge even those that are experienced. You can find a backcountry lodge available via snow cat, snowmobile, helicopter or just by travelling through snowshoeing if you have the endurance needed to go through 10 meters of snow.


In Alberta’s Canadian Rockies you can find incredibly scenic locales that are awesome for snowshoeing. There are different national parks you want to experience like Lake Louise, Jasper and Banff, all with an interlinking system going through towering mountains. Besides the spectacular scenery you can also meet abundant wildlife.

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In Kananaskis County you go through snow covered wilderness and alpine meadows, with snowshoeing guided tours and lessons being available. The entire family is going to enjoy the vacation and Yoho National Park gives you some of the best mountain lodges available.

If you want something really special, do consider Manitoba Moose Mountain Provincial Park, Narrow Hills Provincial Park and Saskatchewan to gain access to the Boreal forest and the lovely Canadian Shield. There are many miles of backcountry and groomed trails to experience and if you are interested in solitude, you are surely going to find it. Manitoba is a really sunny place of the country but also one of the really cold ones. Trans-Canada Trail is going to bring you the best possible opportunity for wonderful snowshoeing.

Eastern Canada

A great snowshoeing destination with a wilderness setting is Northern Ontario’s Algonquin Park. Guide and lodging services bring you the enjoyable adventure you are looking for. You can also consider Goulais River as it has 130 kilometers of properly groomed trails and another great spot to take into account is Hiawatha Highlands Wilderness Preserve since it brings you more snowshoeing trails and even equipment rental.

If you want to experience rugged coastline and the Long Range Mountains go to Gros Morne National Park. Then, head over to Terra Nova National Park, a pretty popular snowshoeing destination in Eastern Canada.

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