Blue Mountains, Australia Bushwalking Destinations

Just 2 hours away from the highly popular Sydney city you can find the stunning Blue Mountains. The UNESCO World Heritage List features the mountains and hundreds of thousands of tourists from all around the world visit every single year. The problem is that experiencing what the Blue Mountains have to offer is normally the same for everyone. If you want something that is special, make sure you stay for a number of nights to enjoy bushwalking, the local term for hiking.

We can only see Blue Mountains as a paradise for all bushwalkers. You can enjoy something that perfectly matches your current fitness level. All the trails are properly marked and range from some short ones of just 2 km to the Six Foot Track, which is a 3 day hike taking you from Katoomba and ending in Jenolan Caves.

It is so easy to find online hiking and walking resources if you are interested in bushwalking in the Blue Mountains. After some research you will figure out if this is something of interest for you or not. Even if you do not, you may still want to visit for the wonderful views and for the various travel activities offered by Blackheath, Leura and Katoomba.

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Blue Mountains cover a large land area. Most of the visitors will go to Katoomba first. You can easily reach it from the Sydney Central Station. An Opal Card is the best travel option to consider since you get access to various regional travel opportunities for just around $10.

Safety Tips When Bushwalking The Blue Mountains

Bushwalking stands out as quite safe for children and adults. However, it is really important to keep safety as a top priority. That is especially necessary in the event you are a hiker without much experience. Always remember the following tips:

  • Mountain weather will change fast so be sure that you check the weather forecast and you have the necessary clothes with you.
  • Do know where you will go and when you will return. Personal Locator Beacons are available at zero cost from the National Park Service.
  • Basic first aid supplies should be taken, just in case.
  • Market trail signs need to always be respected for safety purposes. Never underestimate trail ratings.

Doing More Than Just Bushwalking

When you had your fix of bushwalking, do see what else you can do. There are various things you will surely enjoy while in the mountains. For instance, you can spend more time at the Katoomba Three Sisters rock formation. The place is filled with legendary tales and the views can only be described as being breathtaking. Do take your camera with you.

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Visit local Katoomba vintage shops, restaurants and cafes. You will enjoy the architecture and if you are looking for a great cocktail, the Carrington hotel is the one you have to check out. Try the touristy Scenic World and use the Scenic Railway for something extra.

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