Best Surf Camps in California

By Vesi

Do you have any plans for your holiday? If no, I advise you to try out surfing. Surfing is a sport that has slowly gained popularity in the US. California is among the few states that have the best conducive surfing conditions.

Some people prefer to go surfing during their recreational time while others have taken it as a career and therefore spend more hours in surf camps. However surfing is a risky sport that requires a lot of skill and carefulness. For this reason, you need to find a suitable surf camp that has highly skilled professional trainers that will guide you through the surfing session.

There are numerous surf camps in California but you need to find out the best ones. Next we will present some of the best surf camps in California.

Banzai Surf School

banzai surf school

The Banzai Surf School uses the Huntington Beach in California for their surfing sessions. It is always open for a whole year and has a lot of newer and better facilities that can serve a great number of surfers. This surfing camp also provides full wetsuits to their customers and so you do not have to purchase one.

Banzai Surf School has a photographer who shoots all the training sessions and hands them to the surfers at an affordable price of about 49 bucks. This helps the surfers to identify their areas of weakness and perfect on them. They also have professional guides who guide the surfers through every stage.

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Pacific Surf School

Pacific Surf School

Pacific Surf School is located in San Diego, California. It offers a diverse range of surf programs that are suitable for surfers of all ages. For instance they have kids and teen surf camps that have been developed for teenagers and young children. Youths are taken to luxury overnight surf camps.

Whether you are a learner or a skilled surfer, Pacific Surf School is the only surf camp where you will find a friendly staff that has something new for you. Pacific Surf School has two locations in San Diego. They are located at the Pacific Beach and at the Ocean Beach. The cool weather at these surf camps makes them even more convenient for surfing sessions.

The Cali Camp

The Cali Camp

The Cali Camp offers unique and the best surfing experience to their customers at the camp. The Cali Camp provides 12 surfing sessions per day and has a highly dedicated staff that works tirelessly from Monday to Friday to ensure that they meet the necessary standards for their customers. This camp has different training locations. Each location has a different trainer that works closely with the trainees to ensure that they perfect their skills. As you improve your skills and your abilities to surf, you are taken to advanced locations that have cool surfing spots. The friendly staff at The Cali Camp is something that has made this camp the number one choice for many people.

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Surfing is such an interesting sport to consider. If you are planning to go surfing, this article has just given you a hint of where to go.

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